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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Religion and Politics

By Caryle Murphy and Alan Cooperman of The Washington Post

I can see some of the points that they make in this article from The Washington Post of the religious folks on the left standing up and saying enough is enough. It’s about damn time the religious left side of this nation spoke up! For a long time now it has not been considered being patriotic if you were a Liberal or Democrat. Apparently, somebody over on the right figured that they had God all locked up and could use him like a spin tool for any issue they wanted.

I am a church going Liberal Irish American Roman Catholic Democrat father of five daughters. That makes me an oxymoron on so many levels but I digress. No political party has God up their sleeve and can pull out the God card to end a hot button issue. I can’t speak for God but I’m just guessing that he or she is a hell of a lot smarter than any of these groups that use his or her name to cast fear and hate. Does it work when they do that? I’m pretty sure it does. When you cast out enough stones eventually you will break a window or two. The law of percentages works to their advantage.

Here is the major dilemma we all face. The last two Presidential elections were so close in numbers that some people say President Bush stole them both. Courts did their thing and we all know the history. That is the key to the issue or problem. Half of the people voted for him. That is mathematically a theory that some professor somewhere has already said that this is a divided nation. Two sides polarized on two very different ideologies of what this country should be all about. Looking back on that we all know the vacuum of power that has resulted. Absolute power corrupts.

I’m going to church tomorrow and I could possibly be sitting in the same pew as my friend or neighbor who is from the other side of the fence. During that time it does not matter to me politically where either of us stands on any issue. I’m spending my morning with my God and I am pretty sure that we are cool with one another. Then again I’m pretty sure that my fellow worshiper is too.


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