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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Religion and Immigration

Rabbi Marc Gellman in MSNBC/ Newsweek is asking the right questions about immigration but will he get the answers that he would hope for? America is a complex and difficult to understand culture of many people that strive to be one people. We are a nation of laws not just of the government but of God too. The founding fathers of this great nation still amaze me in all of the checks and balances they put in place to make sure that we would forever be asking questions of ourselves rather than have the answers dictated to us.

We are a nation of immigrants and as the descendants of those immigrants it is up to us all to decide where our nation is going to be one hundred or five hundred years from now. Will historians look back at this time and place of America and judge us as a great nation or as a failed experiment of democracy at its worst. Will they see us as a people that strived to make the best decision for our nation or a society of narrow minded self interest bigots?

Immigration and how we deal with it today is the key to our future. There are people that would hire a U-haul truck and move the Great Wall of China to our southern border. Then there are those people that would knock down all the fences to let everyone in. Somewhere in the middle is the answer to our nation’s immigration issue. One fact that is overwhelmingly bold and in our face is that in order to face our fears of the great unknown is that we must stand up to it and recognize it for what it is.

People will forever come to America for all of her opportunities. Those that discourage people following that dream are the ones that have forgotten that those same opportunities are available to them just as well.


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Blogger peter said...

well,we are a nation begun with immigrants, yes. These people came here legally they did not just appear here overnight. There were rules and steps you had to take in order to be allowed into the US.....RULES..Made to insure order and lawlessness. Also to avoid the spread of disease from foreigners. Its not as simplistic as you say. As there is not an endless supply of fuel there is not an endless supply of food,schools, free medical care etc..............

7:56 AM  

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