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Monday, May 22, 2006

Turning Point of the War

Now they are saying that we are at the turning point of the war in Iraq but I could have sworn that I heard President Bush declare Mission Accomplished a while ago. I’m recalling something about him flying in on an aircraft carrier. There were lots of sailors and troops on the deck for a patriotic speech on a job well done. It’s slowly coming back to me now.

I certainly hope there is a turning point to this whole mess and the sooner the better. They are reporting that there are 264,000 Iraqi troops trained to date and that is a fairly large amount of firepower. I would hope that they could at the least take care of their own affairs. I am assuming that these newly trained troops will be armed. No, I’m pretty sure they are armed. Not that the NRA has a local chapter in Baghdad but those folks over there are pretty much all pro guns.

Prime Minister Tony Blaire is coming over for a visit this week to talk with President George Bush about the finer details of our eventual withdrawal from Iraq. Do you suppose these two guys would talk this whole thing out over a couple of beers? President Bush will have one of those non-alcohol brews and Tony will probably bring a case of Guiness Stout with him. This is going to be like a “Guys night out” sort of thing. Tony’s wife doesn’t like him drinking at home on Downing Street so he might just get a good buzz on at 1600 Penn. Ave. This could happen if you really think about it. You have your nights out with the guys you work with so my line of thought isn’t that far off for world leaders?

Work with me on this. The G8 Summit is nothing but a keg party for world leaders. Not that I can prove this but I hear that Putin brings the Vodka and Chirac brings the wine for those but don’t quote me on that. They were all ticked off at President Bush last year because he brought bottled water last year but the wet tee shirt contest was the highlight of the summit so it wasn’t a total loss.

So we have established libations and a theme for the event. We are going to need entertainment. The Bush impersonator is already booked so he is off the list. No Dick we are not going hunting again so stop suggesting that. Bike riding is out because Tony doesn’t want to get hat hair. We might have to come back to this one later. No Karl we are not going to ask the Prime Minister to try out an orange jump suit so just put that thing away. Pin the tail on the special prosecutor might work out. Spin the bottle of truth is a very good idea Mr. Snow. Let me write that one down.


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