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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


How do you get a blog to support itslef if the folks reading it don't support the efforts to put the message out there? Sponsors are out there and the support isn't there. Should I give up this avenue of thought? Is my line of thought so much off that what I say is repugnant to the people reading it? These pages are available to you at the expense of my family to get the word out on what is wrong with this world we live in. Participate in the discussion and support a voice that you agree with. You have my family and my thanks for doing so. Pass the word if you agree or don't agree on how good this site is or if this is just a jerk that you can't stand what a jerk I am. Either way it makes you have a voice in your life and your government. Then go and vote your own convictions. Till then a little support is appreciated.

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