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Friday, January 27, 2012

Facebook Timeline

If you are the kind of person that enjoys your privacy then chances are you do not have a facebook account. Facebook is what one might call a useless addiction. For some unknown reason people readily open up their most inner thoughts on its pages for the public to see. For those of you that are not facebook users aka addicts, its like writing in you personal diary but everything you write appears on a billboard advertisement on every highway across the world.

Some employers before hiring you will actually check your facebook pages to see what kind of person you are and if your personal life is normal or a train wreck. For all the folks that blurt every thought they have ever had, good, bad, and the ugliest, it's time to change your ways. And as some people think, facebook has become Big Brother of George Orwell fame.

Everyone should be aware that facebook is coming out with mandatory changes called "Timeline" where everything you have ever written on facebook can be easily reached by all. You will have seven days to go back years and delete every single post one at a time. Check it out here...

If you are one of the 50 percent of Americans who are Facebook members, it's time to do some housekeeping. Within the next few weeks, a new design called Timeline will replace old profile pages. And that means everything you've ever done in your Facebook history will be resurrected.

Read more:

Many people have opted into the new Timeline format on facebook and many more have not. Personally, I don't care for it. And the old saying stands true as always. If you don't like something you can't change then you have the choice to not use it. Facebook is not giving you an option. You will be assimilated into the collective of Timeline. Resistance is futile. (Borg accent) Facebook just made your online footprint bigger than life for all to see.

Breakout your erasers. You have seven days to erase and delete everything you have ever said that might be ever so embarrassing.


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Obama and Brewer Debate

I keep finding interesting translations of the Obama Brewer finger pointing event at the airport in Arizona. This one I borrowed from Facebook...


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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starting A Green Energy Company

I've decided to make the move and finally start my own Green Energy Company. I am obsessed with the idea of building solar hot air heaters. After months and months of research and experimentation I think that I can build a solar hot air heater that works beyond the expectations of most consumers and many commercial applications. It can and will save consumers and business owners a large share of the heating costs when the sun is shinning.

I'm thinking that the majority of my business will come from commercial green companies that work only during the day. Free heat is good for the bottom line during the winter months. Heating a manufacturing area or office space would be the ultimate goal of the solar hot air heater I have designed. It can pump out free heat from nine in the morning till almost three in the afternoon and the system can be expanded with duct work to heat multiple areas. My heat retention systems inside the unit will hold the heat when the sun is clouded over thus saving time for the reheating process. The average hot air duct on a gas forced air heater is around 160F give or take. My unit can meet that and beat it. The concept is new and unconventional but it works.

I'm starting this adventure knowing that every step is a learning opportunity and the benefits of doing it are not only mine but the environments as well. Every renewable energy source that can be used to offset a home budget or business budget is money available for other needs. Times are tough right now and if I can be of help with my garage designed solar hot air heater then I am more than glad to do so.

Check back soon to see when Papamoka is hiring solar hot air box builders and hiring heating and cooling installers. Building the economy on new green energy products is a new industry and I'm jumping at it. Wish me luck.


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mass Senate Seat Up for Grabs

In the eyes of the nation the second chair in the US Senate still belongs to the Liberal Lion, former Senator Teddy Kennedy. He was the spokesman for the liberal left on what our government should be doing for the middle and lower class folks. And if you think about it in regards to tax revenue for the US Treasury, that is where the bulk of the cash comes from. Why not use it for programs to help the middle and lower classes? That is what Teddy Kennedy did all of his years in the senate, he gave back. And then some.

In politics it is a known fact that Massachusetts is one of the bluest of the blue states with a Democrat majority. How Scott Brown won Teddy Kennedy's seat is or was a culture shock. And honestly, I don't see how he can keep it. His political party is out of line with what most people of the state think or believe. He can't be counted on from a Democrat state to stand up for what the people of his own state want if he is to perform in step with his Republican members of the senate. You can't sit on the fence and get things actually done. It would be curious to see how many times his vote in the senate canceled out Senator Kerry's? I don't have the facts but I am curious.

The politics of the campaign for this senate seat are heating up and the chances of Elizabeth Warren actually unseating him are looking better and better. One key choice of words including this name, Karl Rove, need to be repeated over and over in television ads and radio commercials until people actually get who is in the background of Scott Brown's campaign. Karl Rove by the way is the only reason George W. Bush was elected President, not once but twice. He gets the job done and I give him credit for having an incredible political sense of genius. But the undoing of Scott Brown is the constant reminder to the good people of Massachusetts is that they are voting for someone that Karl Rove believes to be a good Republican just like George W. Bush was. NOT THE LIBERAL LION! He just plays one on tv.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PA Governor to Save Millionaires

How do you save a millionaire? You take the food away from babies with parents that can not find jobs. When the economy is as bad as it is every possible morsel of food for fat rich dudes wearing suits counts. Looking at the picture of the good Governor though it looks like he could use a few weeks away from the public trough so to speak.

PA Governor Corbett (R no shit) is declaring war on food stamps to save money. Stimulate growth (crime rate) and create jobs (criminal ones). We need more Republican's like this governor to stimulate the economy during these robust times. Why on earth should someone be on food stamps when you can get a job anywhere. Everyone is hiring, and at good pay for good long term jobs. Besides, everyone knows that obesity among minorities is high and they are the "One's" sucking off the public to eat. Let those babies go a couple of months without food and loose those unhealthy pounds.

Needless to say, in national politics, we need more people on the GOP side to act like this so the folks on the other side of the fence look like saints. Here is the article clip...

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett has announced a major assault on the food stamp program that feeds 1.8 million Pennsylvanians, including 439,245 in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare announced that on May 1, people under 60 with more than $2,000 in savings or other assets will be barred from receiving food stamps. People over 60 would have a $3,250 cap.

... the move to cut food stamps is way out of line with what other states are doing: Pennsylvania plans to make the amount of food stamps that people receive contingent on the assets they possess — an unexpected move that bucks national trends and places the commonwealth among a minority of states.”

The trend during the Great Recession, with millions falling into poverty, has been to remove such barriers to assistance. Gov. Ed Rendell eliminated the state's asset test in 2008. Pennsylvania now joins 11 states with asset tests — including Indiana, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota. - City Paper


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Monday, January 02, 2012

What is Truth

A friend that I have much faith and belief in asked me to write a post about what is truth. Truth is almost an oxymoron. Depending on your perspective of what you perceive or see then the truth is what you want to see and believe. Albert Einstein had a theory about the speed of light that more or less said that it could not be broken. But in truth, if you see an object from a great distance traveling at the speed of light then you are actually seeing something that breaks his theory down to simple perception. It will move across the night sky quickly but slow enough for the eye to see. Isn't that what truth comes down too? You see what what you want to see?

Ten people can see the same situation and come away with ten different perceptions or ideas of what the truth is. Pick a subject, be it any situation in your everyday life. Ten people in line at a checkout counter may all see that the clerk manning the register is slow but the clerk manning the register sees that the scanner is broken and just trying to do their job as quickly as the broken machine will let them do it. Ten angry customers will still come through the line. Any law enforcement officer will tell you that if there are five witnesses to a crime they will come up with five different stories as to what they saw and what the truth is. To them it was what they perceived.

Put yourself in the perspective of the broken machine at the supermarket. We are all human and sometimes we break down and have faults in our operating systems. As that machine are you not upset that you can not function properly? The truth is like that. It only comes out once all of the facts come out. Or the company comes to the realization that the machine is broken. The company would be you trying to fix that machine.

Some people like to mangle the truth for their own personal gain but the truth is like an air bubble in a fish tank. It always floats to the top and in doing so provides life saving oxygen for the fish in that tank. No matter how you try and manipulate the truth be it in your personal life or work or even politics, it will always come to the surface. It is a battle that can never be won if you try to suppress it.

It has been said by some that you need to lie to move forward in certain situation but that is still a lie that is hiding some other ulterior motive. If you have confidence in your own personal being then you need not lie about anything to anyone. If you have faith in your gut that your decisions in your life are right then there is no doubt or shame. My question is how you decide the choices that the truth gives you when it comes to the many situations that the truth gives to you. I think the answer to that is how you used your choices before and how you feel about them today.

Can the truth hurt you? Absolutely, but it still is the truth. Can we learn from the truth? Absolutely! Only the truth in your life can make you stronger and a better person. If you choose to live in a lie then you always will have doubts no matter what the lie is but the truth is a light and beacon that never fades. It can't. It is your own self conscious telling you where your path should be.

We live our lives in uncertainty and if you picture it as a dark room with a door ajar, on the other side of that door is a bright light. That bright light is you. All of the darkness in the room has no meaning if you continue your life in search of the truth. Nothing else matters as long as you continue to walk towards that door with the light in it. That is the truth of your life.

The truth will set you free. Words to live by. The true test of living you life in truth is how you perceive it. When someone questions your truth then you need to ask questions of yourself and others and let those bubbles float to the top. It is the path of those bubbles rising to the top that is the discussions or arguments or understandings that two or more souls come together to recognize as the truth.


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