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Monday, May 29, 2006

Politics and going down

Okay, the long weekend is pretty much over. Place your bets on who goes down in flames this week. Somebody on the take in our nations capitol will be caught with the old chubby fingers in the cookie jar. Place your bets on who it will be next?

Somebody at the White House lifted the lid to reveal that Denny Hastert had his fingers in there but I don't know if he took a cookie or not? Politics being politics then I am betting that he has his hands in the wrong cookie jar and the White House pulled the silent alarm on him. Amazing how quickly he backed off on the power play from the White House.

We shall see...

Family front, we made it finally to the cemetary. Put some flowers in for Mom and Dad and tried to put some in for other relatives but someone beat us to it. That was refreshing. I planted one single flower on my Grand Mothers sisters family graves because it was barren but her other sister had serious attention. Finally, somebody put some flowers in and dressed up the grave nice. No need for my humble tribute to the sisters Murphy that came from Ireland so long ago.

My own Dad passed away in 2003 and I haven't had the money to engrave the stone to mark his departure from this world to the next. Local vets put flags out for the vets but Dad didn't get one this year. All he is missing is the year he passed on the stone. I forgot to bring one from home so I felt bad while three out of my five girls planted flowers for him and their Grandmother and Great Grand Parents.

Back soon...


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