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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alzheimer’s Association News

Having loved and lost my dad to Alzheimer’s disease I can honestly say that it is a disease I would not wish on my worst enemy. To see someone you love slowly degenerate into someone so helpless and lost it scares me. And there by the grace of God go I. As we baby boomers age the chances of us coming down with this disease is very high. Some people say one in ten, others claim three in ten. Even if you look at the least amount it is still ten percent of the population. There is a way to cure this disease and the way to do it is to speak out on it, talk about it, and if you can afford to do so, donate to the people that want to fight it head on at the Alzheimer's Association.

Check out the links below and if you can ACT on the issue of Alzheimer’s then you are looking out for the one in ten that could be you. We will never know what causes this debilitating disease if we keep it and our loved ones afflicted with it in the closet. The time to fight and beat Alzheimer’s disease is now.

Thank you for your support in defeating this terrible disease. Please check out the links below and ACT accordingly to your heart’s desire.

10 Signs of Alzheimers

Alzheimer Myths

Related Dementia’s

Diagnosing Alzheimer's


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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radiation Good – Ann Coulter Bad

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted too. Ann Coulter is on video with Bill O’Reilly stating that some forms of radiation are good for you when talking about the nuclear radiation coming out of Japan. We should take up a collection to send her over to Fukushima Japan to camp out next to the nuclear power plant that is leaking the love fest juice that she believes to be good for us. Or we could all pitch in to buy her a nice condo over at Three Mile Island. Land prices are cheap for some unknown reason. She could plant a nice garden and maybe start an apple orchard or something. (PUN intended) I found this video regarding her stance on radiation being good for you over at the Huffington Post…

The bat shit loon's article is here!

Before Ann Coulter goes quoting scientists on the effects of radiation on the human body she should read all of the facts from those scientist and not just the headlines. You have to give O’Reilly kudos for practically calling her a journalistic hack to her face. Does the woman not know how to use Google? Double dumb ass on her.


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Friday, March 04, 2011

Bohner FU to WWI Last Veteran

In classic double speak that politicians have to practice in the mirror to keep their job, Speaker of the House John Bohner screwed up. The last surviving veteran of World War One, aka WWI, was forsaken a memorial tribute at the capitol rotunda on his passing by the GOP head honcho in charge. The man was 110 years old, he was the last doughboy! This was courtesy of the military pro and we love our veteran’s political party Speaker of the House John Bohner. I’m sure he was thinking out of his ass when he blocked a wake at the capitol rotunda for the LAST VETERAN of WWI.

Two West Virginia senators and a documentary filmmaker are expressing their dismay after House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) blocked a movement to allow Frank Buckles' body to lay repose in the Capitol Rotunda.

Buckles, the last living American World War I veteran, died in West Virginia at the age of 110 last week. Shortly after his death, Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin III released statements urging Boehner to reconsider.

"My resolution is simple. It would have provided a fitting tribute to Frank Buckles – the nation's last Doughboy," Rockefeller said in a statement posted to his Web site. "Surely, Speaker Boehner can agree that the Congress should pause for a moment to pay its respects to Mr. Buckles and all our World War I veterans." – New York Daily News

Frank Buckles did nothing to the Democrats or the Republicans other than be the last man out of this world that served his country in World War One. And this is something that Bonehead has a problem with? WTF is wrong with him and the rest of the GOP? Apparently, they only support people in uniform while you are actually in the line of fire. Guns, bullets, and God bless our troops. After that their seems to be a middle finger that keeps coming up over and over again when it comes to veterans.

Screw the Republicans if they think that a 110 year old man that was the last surviving man from WWI does not deserve a national tribute. Plant the old geezer at Arlington is what Bohner said. We’ll send a bugler that will put down a boom box, hit the play button and hold a fake bugle to his lips.

Bullshit doesn’t always come from the back end of a bull. Sometimes it is right in front of you and we call him the Speaker of the house.


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Viral Laughing Baby

You can't just watch it just once.

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