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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Impeach Bush?

Huge question but not likely if the Congress is Mini Publican control. Dem's would be the ones to head up the investigation to begin with but with a Republican controlled Congress and Senate it will never come to the floor for discussion. Protecting the man in the White House is a 24/7 job for the Mini Publicans. They have to much special interest money to protect and defend. The only way that President Bush will be called to task is if the people speak with their votes. Otherwise it is all smoke and mirrors for the Mini Publicans. The magicians of the political machine will work his or hers best to point the blame elsewhere for the hard core red states. The Dem's have to pick the battle cry that is an overall American issue and keep it front and center if they want to win the government back.

DNC leader Governor Howard Dean, or someone with his ear... Corruption is a starting point. Keep the message the same and pound it home. Nobody likes a thief.


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