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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Seven Problems with Polling and Electing a President

I happen to be a national political junkie.  I follow elections and get all the information my brain can take in on the politics of our nation.  I am a political junkie and have always been one.  The damn polls are wrong.  Toss them out with the cat liter.  They both have the same value.  Nothing.

Polling is done by calling land lines and that in itself should be the first flare.  How many people today still go and grab the big old "Phone Book" to look up the number for the pizza house up the street.  The phone book, like the stage coach is a dying technology.  I'm pretty sure the last stage coach was state of the art but you don't see many of them on the highways today.  Speaking of highways, we live in the digital information highway.  Everyone is online and pretty much everyone owns a cell phone/computer to talk with family and friends and check out what that son of a biscuit eater thought about your cute cat pictures on facebook.

One other thing that pisses me off is the so called lock on African American voters by one certain political campaign.  Nobody owns the African American vote.  Nobody.  If you claim to be in favor of changing the lives of African American voters then you should have been campaigning on it months ago or YOUR ENTIRE POLITICAL CAREER!   One of these candidates has, the other, not so much.

I have a landline but it is connected through our internet service and the "Land Line" costs us twenty bucks a year.  Thank you Magic Jack!  It isn't listed in the phone book because I am not using a recognized carrier for "Land Line" phone service.  Even my 79 year old mother in law no longer keeps a "Land Line" for her phone service.  Her son hooked her up with his cell phone plan years ago where he can have up to five people on his service.

Try this little experiment.  Question your friends and family to find out how many people have "Land Line" phone service.  If you survey thirty people and come back with a tally of one "Land Line" then you know way to many people that are living in the digital age.  Why would you accept polling numbers based on "Land Line" polls as a true sampling of the population?  They might as well poll people using only fax machines! 

Second problem is the push poll of these "Land Line" polls.  A push poll is when you put a biased criteria in-front of the poll that skews the data.  Questions or requirements such as if you voted in the last two elections that would dump your polling data because you did not vote.  That skews the data no matter how you look at it.  Look at the details of the polls questions before you say or print that your favored candidate is way ahead in the polling.

Third problem is the younger generation that is old enough to vote is moved by what the candidates have to say.  That is a huge voting block that is not even remotely considered in the next election because not a single person under 29 has a "Land Line" phone.  Along with them is the huge block of disenfranchised voters that have not voted in twenty or thirty years that are coming out of the rotting wood pile to cast a vote because they believe in what Bernie Sanders is running on for President.

Fourth problem is a GOP and Conservative voter problem.  Many moderate Republicans do not like what their own candidates are saying or running on and are actually looking at Bernie Sanders because they will never vote for Hillary Clinton.  GOP voters are the same as Dem voters and see that health care coverage needs to go further than it has, college education is having them remortgage the house to pay for their kids education, and jobs for those highly educated kids no longer exist and they and the grand kids might end up growing up in mom and dads house.

Fifth problem is that it comes down to people no longer being able to survive in this economy.  When huge corporations post mega profits in the billions of dollars but pay employees sub standard wages then we need a living wage for America and that is fifteen bucks an hour.  We need to stop corporate welfare and penalize companies that expect the country to pick up the slack for their lack of a decent paying payroll.

Sixth problem is Veterans.  Our political leaders wave the flag but every single time a veterans benefits bill comes up the political right side of the aisle in congress always says that our nation can not afford it.  If we can not afford to pay for our wounded warriors then we have no business sending them to war in the first place.  We should change the way votes for going into any conflict demand that the veterans of that conflict get the care and help they need prepaid and not tossed out on the street.  Veterans all across America are supporting Bernie Sanders because he has fought for them for all of his political career.

Seventh problem is Citizens United.  Corporations are not people and should not be allowed to contribute even one single penny to political campaigns.  President Teddy Roosevelt said it in his time and Bernie is shouting at the rafters in our time to end Citizens United.  Our elected representatives oversee the commerce of this country and Citizens United makes a mockery of the congress for sale.  If you donate enough money then a vote in the United States Congress can and will be bought.

I urge you to actually look at what Bernie Sanders has fought for over the many years he has been in congress and you will be a "Land Line" less supporter.  You just wont be polled for your opinion because you don't count.  But your vote counts!  Feel the Bern and vote for Bernie Sanders.

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Hugs at ya all,

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