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Monday, June 12, 2006

George Washington The Man

I've been reading up again on George Washington and this was indeed a man with an amazing mind. Everything you read about him is about the greater good of the people. Our first President was a man of many amazing talents and skills. When it came to the end of the day he was just a farmer at heart. That was his true love. How could he do things differently and change the nature of farming. The rest of the stuff happened around his life because he was nothing more than a simple farmer that was also a military man of confidence among his peers.

He was also very aware of history and some of his papers are amazing to read knowing all that we know today of the times he lived in. The struggles he and our young nation faced together and united as one. If you get the chance to read some of his writings then you will see the amazing difference between what we have in office today and what we were all blessed with as our first President.

Great men or great woman are far and few between. I'm a fan of our history and our Presidents and I can't help but think that there could be another George Washington amongst us all that could once again unite us rather than divide us. Who is that person of our time that can stand the challenges of what is expected of a United States of America President? Who is that person that can take a country that is so fractioned that the last two Presidential elections were tossed into the courts to decide the winner and make it one again? Where is the true leadership of our nation headed? Have we as a nation turned into the haves and have nots of yesteryear Europe and all her Monarchies? Have we as a nation forgotten the big picture as we cast aside others from foriegn lands as unacceptable to our way of life because of the color of their skin or the hardship they fought so desperately to get away from? How can we call ourselves Americans when we are the nation that accepts all and welcomes them but you have to meet a litmus test?

George Washington was far wiser in his day than any politician alive today to know that the only way for our nation to stay on top was to fight for human nature and the freedoms that free men would be willing to fight and die for. Individual rights should always be greater than the government that would serve that individual. That is the big picture.

Today in our world of government they are taking rights back faster than you can think of in order to protect you and I from Terrorists. Who is protecting us from our government if our rights are stripped away in order to fight an un-declared war by a President that does not consider any laws to apply to him? Something to think about. He didn't pass the legislation that is taking your rights away, he sighned your rights into law away.

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