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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flag Burning and Orrin Hatch

Quote from the Washington Post and Orrin Hatch …

The amendment's chief sponsor, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), charged that "five unelected justices" had overturned legal prohibitions that were in force for decades and supported by majorities of the public, the state legislatures and the Congress.

"This amendment is one of the most important things we can do -- to send a message to the United States Supreme Court that you cannot usurp the power" of Congress, Hatch said.

What the hell is Orrin Hatch thinking with this statement today on the Flag desecration amendment to the Constitution? The body of judicial members put in place to define if our laws are or are not Constitutional do in fact have the right to overrule the Congress? What is he really saying? Is he saying its my damn ball and I make the rules? Temper tantrum to follow?

No Uncle Orrin, they were not elected. They were appointed and vetted and scrutinized for the position of Supreme Court Justice by the President first and then the Congress to ensure that they would defend the Constitution of the United States. Not Uncle Orrin’s political agenda today.

Today’s political showmanship and this proposed amendment to our nations Constitution was right up there with the definition of marriage amendment. It’s just politics at its absolute worst. This was never a vote defending our flag or for veterans beliefs but a vote for deception and hate once more by the Republicans. Burning the flag no matter how much I hate the idea of doing so for no matter what your reason is, it is still freedom of speech. Our very First Amendment to our Constitution. The Supreme Court would have over ruled this vote based on that fact alone. President Bush may have loaded the bench but they are not there for his special favor but to defend the laws of our Constitution. That ruling would not have come down for years to come and this November’s election would be a vague memory in American history.

Today was simply just another win for the Constitution. Once more it missed being politicized and bastardized for one generations political parties gain. This is a document for all of our future generations to come. It isn’t a toy that you can play with today and get sick of and discard tomorrow.

I hate to say it but the Republican Party is reaching at every issue they can to try and hold onto power and when the folks sit back and really think about it they know that what they are doing is wrong.

Checks and Balances is what it is all about. Thank you too our most brilliant of minds in our founding fathers.

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. I still reserve the right to punch anyone in the face that dares to burn my flag! I need to amend that to anyone that may call my best friend a slang name or use any racist term. Anyone eating anything other than fish on Friday’s during lent too. I have a couple of other issues I want to add. Can I add them to the Constitution too Uncle Orrin?


Feel free to link this page or not… isn’t that a nice freedom?
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