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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bush and the Iraq Visit

Politics will be politics and President Bush has his game on for the greater good of the Mini Publicans destined for a tough battle come November. Today was politics at its absolute best. Bush shaking hands with Al-Maliki in Iraq when it was supposed to be a video or confrence call. Then shaking hands with all the troops and thanking them for their service to our nation.

Back up a second. Think about it and have an opinion. President Bush is playing politics because he doesn't have anything left to give. He is playing to his base and playing them like a fiddle and good old Karl Rove got the off of one charge today so today was a good day to grandstand on a mission well done. NOT!

Even under secrecy levels so much indured by many a souls how dare he risk his life and our nation to grandstand over the death of Al-Zarqawi to send a message back home? How dare he threaten the office of President of the United States of America to play politics. This was a stupid stunt that a seventeen year old Iraqi kid could have shot down his chopper thinking it was just another U.S. Military chopper!

Iraq is a warzone and you do not take the risk of our countries leader for granted for a political statement. God help us if Dick I don't run the White House already Cheney should be sworn into office.

No matter what party my President is from or from what side of the isle he or she could be from you should never in time of war risk the office for the sake of politics. That is exactly what President Bush did today. It was a stupid idea. Our nation, although divided over the war is still at war. One shot could have taken us and the rest of the world over the edge if our President were killed by a renegade or hostile enemy in Iraq. That would have made the killing of Zarqawi a back page issue in the life of the world. The headlines all over the world would be that President Bush is dead and the terrorist or idiots of the world would have the ultimate headline that they die of thirst for. Muslim against Christian Holy War would begin all over again because of a stupid political move. The Crusades happened once under the authority of a Pope and could it happen again under the authority of a Republican administration? Keep pulling stunts like this and it could.

Like it or not and I do not. President Bush is my President and leader of America. He is the representative that I did not vote for but he is still my President. This is a risk that he should have never taken and it is unforgiveable. All jokes aside, you should never put the leader of the free world in a situation where he could be killed by somebody throwing a stone to signal the guy with the rocket launcher to fire away.


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