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Friday, June 30, 2006

What is a Republican?

I’m pretty sure they put their pants on the same way everyone else does but there is this ultimate mystery of what the real Republican is. Where is the true base of being a Republican? It isn’t in the farms out in Kansas where they are losing the fight to keep the farm from the bank by taking on even more debt to pay off the earlier debt. It isn’t in the secretaries or office workers trying to pay the rent from month to month and getting the kids fed and clothed. It isn’t in the factory worker that may loose his job to somebody in a South American country or even China. Where is the Republican parties base? Give you a clue, its in the board rooms and back rooms of the people making all the bucks in this nation.

I live in Mass a two sticks where we vote Republican Governors in because our states legislature would tax us all out of existence but I digress. I think that they banned the Republicans in this state but I can’t prove it or want to prove it. We have a state income tax that pays for a ton of services that we all get back one way or the other. Yes my family benefits from the liberal programs in our state because we have a seriously ill child in need. Mass a two sticks helps us with the bills for her care and with all the services that we pay into. People helping people.

That is the thing that I am talking about here today. Our nation as a whole would pay for taking care of our elderly citizens if they needed intense medical care. Our nation would pay for our wounded veterans if they needed medical care. Our nation would pay for a military to defend our way of life if we are in fact at war. Our nation would pay or does pay for many services to her citizens that most people don’t even know about.

In the last six years many of those services that you pay taxes for have been stripped to the bone or just simply cut out right. Programs our President says are ineffective from his point of view. Programs he cut to fund more tax cuts to the top income earners of our nation and his political base. Money begets money and the politics of big money beget an ideology that they use to stomp on the middle and lower class to pull their own weight. Easy enough to say if you have a million in the bank.

So lets look at who the real Republican base is. Is it someone that is convinced that you have to hate somebody for some reason to be a true American? That is the message we have seen over and over from the Bush Presidency. I can’t say that they are bad at what they do. They sell hate like it is the Rubicks Cube of the 70’s. They can sell their message and that is what we are all up against. How do you out sell hate?

America is a tough place to live. You have to love your country and defend your country but somehow the only kids going to fight the wars our leaders have created are the ones that could least afford to be there in the first place. It makes me wonder how many of our nations elected leaders have children in the military and fighting for what their own fathers or mothers think is the righteous thing to do?

I can’t point to my neighbor who is a Republican and call him all kinds of names or accusations of who I think he is. I like his company and he reciprocates the feeling. We crack a couple of beers and talk, and talk and lately he is coming over to my side of the isle. He isn’t a millionaire and for all I know he doesn’t have a chance at being one any time soon. Neither do I. He is a man of great intelligence and a man with a great grasp of common sense. Somehow he sees the light… can it spread?

That is how you win the vote in November. Common sense. Not hate. That is all the Republicans have to sell come this election.


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