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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Republican Fear

What the Mini Publicans fear most is that they no longer have us all by the neck screaming at us what to be afraid of. The truth is setting the flock free and no amount of double talk from this administration is going to keep the truth out. It has been the main theme of the Mini Publican's to point out the faults of many American's and blame them for all the ills of our society. Truth has a way of pointing out that while they cast the shadow of fear to the left they were taking the country apart by dividing us rather than uniting us. Blame the fear, blame the Democrats, blame the enviromentalists, blame the liberals, blame the immigrants, blame the middle class, blame the Catholics, blame the working poor, blame anyone but make sure you divert attention while you stuff billions back into your friends pockets. Then tell the country that trickle down economics really works while you cut education but claim to leave no child left behind. Even better you tell the country in your state of the union address that we are addicted to oil and need new alternative energy sources and the very next week you cut the funding for alternative energy research.

The GOP has done nothing but line the pockets of the rich while stiffling the middle and lower class to pay for the money they gave to the upper class. Then they put the shinney objects of hate in our face so we don't see them defiling the Constitution and basterdizing it to their own liking.

This coming week we are going to see them point the fear in the direction of marriage once more. They think that we should define it. That is a matter for churches to decide and the government has no business sticking its nose into what marriage is. Separation of church and state is where this whole arguement is canceled out. If you change the Constitution to define marriage then you open up the flood gates for all other church and state arguements. Thomas Jefferson was a far wiser man than Bush or any member of the GOP today.

If you listen to anyone from the GOP that is pounding the drum on any issue, just pick one, they point you to something to be afraid of first. Why? It's easier to sell hate than progress. America was built on progress and change and hate of any people has no place in our society.


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