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Sunday, October 18, 2015

What was Bernie Really Saying?

In the recent Democratic Debate on CNN Bernie Sanders came to the aid of Hillary Clinton.  Or did he?  Was it chivalry or getting the focus off of her endless scandals in the media?  Check it out.  He points out that the MEDIA is only talking about her and her scandals.  In my opinion this was a brilliant political subtle move to shut her down.  And she thanked him for it.  See for yourself in the video below:

Hillary may have so called won the debate but she lost the battle of wits.  Bernie Sanders pointed out the problem with her candidacy with a defensive remark coming to her aid.  The email scandal still exists.  She still is under investigation by the FBI.

Great move Bernie!  Mega freaking great move!!!


If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter or thinking that you might be then you need to become part of the political revolution.  Donate five or ten bucks a month like many other people are doing right now.  Feel the Bern and be part of the movement that will change America forever. 

Donate at and like his facebook page too!

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Friday, October 09, 2015

Bernie Sanders is the ONE!

I chose this picture of Bernie Sanders because of the masses of people that show up for him and his message for a better America.  One million online contributors have donated to his campaign.  Bernie Sanders does not want or ever need to have a Super PAC.  We the people are his Super PAC.  We the people are the political revolution.  If you care to find out who Bernie Sanders is then you need to Google what his positions are on any issue.  He has voted consistently for the same issues he backs today for his run for President of the United States of America for decades.  He doesn't flip and flop because it polls better to be for or against anything.  Little known fact, Bernie does not pay for polling from his campaign.  It would not change his mind so why spend the money to ask? 

I am an online news junkie and for the life of me I can not see how the main stream media is not picking up on the fact that Bernie Sanders is beating the hell out of Hillary Clinton across the country?  Hillary shows up in Boston and a few folks show up.  Bernie Sanders shows up and the facility can not hold the 32,000 people that want to see him speak.  This is not the first time this has happened.  Seattle maxed out capacity, LA maxed out capacity, and the list goes on.  Everywhere Bernie Sanders wants to speak they have to upgrade capacity sites and still make room for people that can not fit into the facility.  If I were the person with the job of booking Bernie after the first debate, I would be looking at huge football stadiums and asking the recently tax free NFL to support democracy for free.  Cause this is America, the land of the free (bernie sanders is against citizens united decisions by the the supreme court that allows billionaires to buy elections).

Anywho, back to Bernie Sanders.  People put this label on him that he is a Socialist.  Wake up!  Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, was a Socialist!  He broke up the big lobbies that controlled everything.  (bernie wants to break up the too big to fail banks and wall street firms) Teddy even protected land by starting the National Parks program. (bernie knows that global warming is proven by SCIENCE and we need to confront it now as a nation)

Then we have FDR that served four terms because America was broken and broke from the Great Depression.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried every idea that came across his desk to get America back on its feet.  The New Deal was a work in progress.  He put people to work building bridges, building damns, building our infrastructure that we all take for granted today (bernie sanders is proposing creating 13 million jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure).  FDR created the first safety net called Social (socialist) Security to take care of our elderly that at the time were shuttered off to poor farms or cast into the street if they had no family to care for them.  That would be the check our retired friends and family get every month to support themselves after paying into a system that is OUTSIDE the federal government budget (bernie sanders wants to expand social security not repeal it).  Then FDR created the GI Bill for all of those that returned from WWII.  One of the most successful programs in history where 5.6 million veterans went to school or got other training to become part of the boom in future years (bernie sanders will pay for his college for all for free is by putting a tax on speculation on wall street.  we bailed them all out, time for pay back).

We can't fail to mention Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower, the man that created the boom of the 50's by building our highway system that started right here in Saint Charles, MO.  Then went on to expand Social Security to people that are disabled (bernie sanders wants to expand social security and medicare and not cut it). 

Fast forward to LBJ creating Medicare.  July 30th, 1965.  Holy crap, socialism hit America again.  If you are poor and elderly, this is your medical plan.  Medicare is one of the most efficient healthcare plans in the world today.  You may get away with double or triple billing an insurance company but Medicare with fine your ass for being incompetent.  Fast forward to Obama and he creates the Affordable Care Act that our friends on the right like to call Obama Care.  It is an amazing plan that despite all the doom and gloom opponents has actually dropped the rising costs of healthcare insurance.  17 million people have been added since it inception and the writing of this post.  If more states signed up for expanding Medicare then the number would triple or more of new people paying into the market (bernie sanders wants a Medicare for all system that is paid for)(everything bernie sanders proposes is paid for)

Last but not least, Bernie Sanders has been in the forefront for veterans and fighting to get them the benefits they all deserve for all of his political career.  Most of those bills were killed by the GOP controlled congress because they are such Hawks but do not care about the people coming back home that need care.  Send you to war and forget you after they put the flag down to accept a check from the companies that profited from you service to America.

Rock ON Bernie Sanders!  Loving what you are saying and backing you 100%. You are picking up the momentum and pulling the centrist people on the right like Morning Joe your way as well.  (you don't have any hidden email accounts I hope???).



For all you young college kids and high school kids that want a future that is better than what your parents had, scream at the top of your lungs who you support!  Vote for Bernie Sanders.  Make your generation the one that made a difference.  Show up at every event in massive numbers.  Bernie can not do this alone.  He needs your voice now and he will need you voice once he is President.  He can't do it alone.  Be a part of the political revolution!

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ferguson June 2015

My wife and I went to the farmers market today in Ferguson, MO.  We live just a few towns out from there and we missed the vendors that we bought product from in the past.  Mind you, we thought about the past violence over the death of Michael Brown and we like many others think his soul never received justice.  That being said, the farmers market was bigger now than it was ever before.  A band was playing, people were smiling, and the entire place was jammed to capacity.  We circled the parking lot for a while just to find a spot.  Thank you Aldi’s for staying strong with Ferguson and allowing the farmers market to share your parking lot!

Yes, there were our farmers that we had to just buy the veggies from but there were church groups, community groups, and of course the police had a stand too.  All were just passing out community organization news and information.  It was an amazing site to see.  And this was not just people of one color out and buying fresh vegetables, it was all people of all walks of life.  It was a community coming back into itself.  My heart was happy seeing all that my heart could see.

I bought a couple of jars of homemade jams from some young boys from Bohlen Family Farm that happens to be in Ferguson.  Sunday morning I plan to test the blueberry and strawberry jam out on some buttered toast.  Of all the farmers there selling products, these two boys impressed me the most.  One was white and the other was African American.  We talked for a bit and it was just about what we bought at other stands.  When we told them we bought fresh picked Mulberry’s from a stand down the way they were upset because they have been trying to find someone to supply them with fresh Mulberry to make jam with. 

It was a great day.  I’m glad to see Ferguson coming back.  I’m sure issues are still pretty strong and heartfelt in the community but we all have to come back from it and learn that we are in a process of change for the better. 

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Amongst Us... My book on Amazon

I have a few readers that might be interested in my other adventures, and I have one that is now on Amazon.  My book.  Amongst Us.  It's a ghost story and appropriate for all readers.  I have blogged for years and I love to write.  I put this book together over a long period of time and I loved the adventure of making it all come together.  This book was a mission in my mind that had to be finished.

It isn't easy for an unpublished writer to be published.  Less than 2-3% of new authors ever get published by a real publisher.  The odds are up there with winning the lottery for most writers.

After years of submissions and very nice copies of rejections, I went the Amazon route.  You do not have to have a Kindle to download the book.  The site will guide you through whatever means you need to read the book.

Amongst Us Book Amazon Site

Please let me know what you think of the book.  I'd do a book signing for you as a fan of Papamoka but I don't think you would appreciate a Sharpie pen on your computer screen. 


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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vote Democrat Kentucky

Mitch McConnell has no interest in the poorest of the poor.  He will step on you, he will put you down, and he will crush your hopes and dreams.  That is what he does to serve the people that own him.  Mitch is bought and paid for.  Throw him out and vote for Alison Lundergan Grimes.

We can do this.  Vote Democrat across the board.


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Friday, September 12, 2014

Dad Fought at What Cost

My Dad was a Navy Vet of WWII and Korea.  During the big war he was a medic attached to the Marines.  He saw more action than any person should have ever see in one lifetime.  He saw men blown apart, wounded beyond what he could ever repair, and men that he could do nothing for because they were already gone.  He served his boys, his Marines as best he could with what little he had.  That was his job.  He did it and survived for the most part.

Prior to each battle he was the most popular guy among his Marines.  Everyone hoped that he would remember their face if they got hit.  On leave he could never buy a beer.  His Marines would not let him.  He was their Doc and they took care of him hoping that he would take care of them if needed.

Dad was injured on Iwo Jima.  Shrapnel blew through the meat in his leg.  The Doc ended up being evacuated and patched up.  Dad returned to duty with his Marines just before the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Everyone thought they were going home after Japan surrendered unconditionally.  Not the case for medics all across the Pacific.

America bombed Japan with nukes and that ended the war.  The human price to win that war demanded an American humanitarian effort to help the people that survived the nukes.  Radiation poisoning was everywhere in the region of the two cites nuked.  The fallout from the bombs followed the winds.

Dad went in with medics from the Navy into Nagasaki.  Not one single man had any clue what had happened there.  All they knew was that their orders were to help the civilian population and treat them as best they could.

Can you imagine walking into Three Mile Island or Chernobyl with no knowledge or protection from radiation other than some rubber suits and boots that had to be burned after every shift?  That is what I understand my father did in Nagasaki.  End of shift, go sleep a few miles away but make sure them rubber suits and boots were burned.

Move forward to 2014.  My Dad had a great life after the war.  Married a beautiful girl that I called Mom.  Ended up with seven kids, four boys and three daughters.  Good times, bad times, he went to school on the GI Bill and raised a family.  His health for most of his life was amazing.  His wife and family not so much as the years passed.

Mom developed heart disease along with the beginning stages of dementia .  After years of a weak heart she passed at the ripe old age of 61 in her sleep.  The smile on her face told us all many things.  She was cool with her maker.  She was a very religious woman.  Not a church goer, but a scholar of religious thoughts and teachings.  She loved Jesus as much as she loved her own but she never thought the bible was his teachings entirely.  That is another story for another day. 

Dad developed dementia and eventually Alzheimer's and passed at 76.  He never recovered from Mom's passing.

Oldest son went nuts in a fantasy world and is missing in action.  Next oldest son is slowly losing touch with reality and hasn't worked in ten plus years.  Oldest daughter is for all points and purposes of discussion no longer with us in this world.  I miss her.  We used to talk every single day.  All her life she had one arm that would shake uncontrollably but she managed to raise a family.  Second oldest daughter became a Republican from a lifetime of growing up in an extreme liberal and democrat household.  The third son has had cancer four times and beat it each time.  His mind is still intact thank God.  I'm typing my little fingers off and you can say I am nuts but I am just fine except for the nervous condition called OPCA.  My baby sis is fine on all fronts as far as I know.

Question in the back of my mind is if the service my father gave to his country on Nagasaki, Japan has had a genetic effect on each of his children?  I'm pretty sure it has.  What scares me most is if it will effect my five baby girls and the children they might have?  I hope not but I do not know.

I don't know the answer to that.  I can only hope that I do not become a Republican.


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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson Local Politics

I want to live in a world where everyone is three years old and has no clue what color a persons skin is.  We just play together and laugh and love one another.  One of us gets a boo-boo we run to get help from a medically trained three year old that applies a kiss and a boo-baid.  If we are hungry we run to the kitchen with our shoes untied and our pants falling off our butts to fix up a bowl of cereal and milk and dream of the toys promised on the back of the box.  We can live in a world full of hugs when we know our friend is hurting and maybe even cry with them to ease the pain.  That isn't reality but Ferguson, Missouri is.

Ferguson, Missouri is in deep pain right now.  The community is stressed out from all the violence from protestors, the police, state police, and now the National Guard "Protection".  My wife and I live just a few miles west of this little town and we have been there many a weekend buying produce at the farmers market.  We love the town.  We love the people.  This small town that has so much potential is being torn apart and it doesn't need to happen.

This pain that the community is feeling can be fixed long term.  It takes the community to heal itself.  My numbers may be wrong but you can tell me the right numbers in the comments below.  Ferguson is a community with a population of 22,000 people and 70% of the people are black.  51 of the 53 police officers are white.  That's 96%.  The Mayor is white.  The city council is 5 white people and 1 black person.  That's 80% representation at the local level for 30% of the people.

Ferguson needs to be organized to get the vote out for their own local leaders.  Ferguson needs a few people in the community that are black to stand up and run for political office.  A business owner, a school teacher, a single mom, a guy that works construction, a lawyer... Whoever.   It is your town.  Who is better at leading it?  The people in charge now or one of your own people? 

Back in the day when the Irish were persecuted for just being here in America we found a way to beat the bastards that were putting us all down.  We elected our own to public office in every capacity possible.  Local, state, and federal offices.  It didn't happen over night but one of our own was Speaker of the House for forty years and we elected President Kennedy.  We elected his little brother, the Liberal Lion Teddy for decades.

Can the racial policing problems in Ferguson be fixed?  Yes it can.  If you elect a black mayor that hires the new Chief of Police.  If you elect a city council that is black that decides and votes on the percentages of police officers that need to be black change can happen.  Some white guys just might lose their jobs as police officers but the community needs to be policed by people that are put there by the people they elected.

Might it be needed to call for a special election in Ferguson?  If the people are not truly represented, then maybe that is a probability.  Either way you need to organize, Ferguson.  Your community needs to elect a new Mayor and a new City Council.  Most of all you NEED TO VOTE!  That is just step one.

This is my protest for the people of Ferguson.  Let's move forward!  Change can only happen if you take the steps needed to make it so.


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