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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bernie Fires one Shot Across the Bow

Bernie Sanders officially endorsed the opponent to Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the head of the Democrat National Committee, in her re-election bid to Congress in Florida.  That was a fair warning shot across the bow of the ship she is steering on a course of destruction.  And I have to say it was one of the most brilliant political moves I have seen in all of my adult life following politics.

Debbie Wassermn Shultz went to far and she will be the first Political Revolution casualty.  Feel the Bern Debbie!

The facts are all right there that she is rigging the DNC side of the presidential campaign for her friend Hillary.  Every opportunity that she has had a say in, has screwed Bernie Sanders over.  The biggest was the scheduling of a limited number of debates on dates and at times that had the least possible number of viewers.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz will not win her election and if Bernie Sanders becomes the Democrat nominee for President, she is out of a job at the DNC as well.  I say that she will not win the election against Tim Canova because this is now a massive movement across the country donating to his campaign and the movement is Bernie Sanders supporters and backers.

The first shot across the bow has been fired and it is fair warning to elected leaders that happen to be Super Delegates that promised to vote for Hillary Clinton at the convention even if Bernie Sanders won their state primary or caucus.  The arrogance to call your self a Democrat and vote against the will of the majority of the people in your state is a slap in the face to the voters in your district or city.  The Bernie Political Revolution is about to strike and you may be the next victim.  The Great Dragon has been awakened and we are not going away.  Think about that for a while.

While we claim to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we somehow lost our way for a while there.  Then this guy from Vermont showed up and starting telling us that we can change this system of ours so that we are not always getting screwed.  He makes sense, we like what he has for plans, we like his way of thinking, and we kind of adopted him as our kick ass Grandpa.  Nobody messes with our Grandpa.

Bernie fired one shot across the bow of the DNC and we the people heard his message loud and clear.  We know how to flood a campaign with cash from all across America.  And if you live in the same state as a Super Delgate that refuses to change their vote, vote them out of office.

One last thought, I'd say we are going to miss Debbie Wasserman Shcultz but that would be a lie.  Great health, great wealth, great distance Debbie.  Bye, bye!


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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Election Theft is Un-American

No matter what state you live in that is about to vote, be it California, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota or Oregon, your vote is more important now than all of the rest of the states that have already voted.  Your vote is up to you but do you think denying the right of 165,000 people in Brooklyn, NY to vote is right?  Brooklyn just happens to be Bernie and Jane Sanders home town where they both grew up just a few blocks apart.  Do you think that rigging the vote in Arizona by shutting down polling stations to a third of what used to be open is voter suppression?  Do you believe that it was a legitimate state convention in Nevada where they dismissed 60 of Sanders delegates and just 4 of Clinton's delegates because of credentials?  Can you flip a coin six times in a row like they did in Iowa to decide a caucus for Hillary?  Do you think it is right for a former President to block entrance to several polling places for hours like Bill Clinton did in Massachusetts?

This list goes on and on for every single state.  Voter suppression and rigging the vote is real.  But it only seems to effect Bernie Sanders for some odd reason?  Then we have news reports that Hillary Clinton is courting GOP donors from the Jeb Bush campaign!  She moved so far to the center before the primary was even over that she went to Republicans for donations?  Google it, I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to.  She must be so desperate for cash to finish running that she had to go to the people on the opposite political aisle begging. 

As Americans we always root for the underdog, and in this case it is Senator Bernie Sanders.  Bernie has never lied about his chances at winning this race, he has always said it was going to be a long up hill fight to the end.  And he was right just like he was on the vote on the Iraq war.  How many times are they going to keep kicking him down though?  How many ways can they lie and steal and disrupt the vote for our President?  A friend of mine once said that if you kick a dog hard enough and often enough they will eventually fight back and that is never a good thing for you or the dog.

Enough is enough.  Bernie Sanders needs your vote America.  He can only lead us if we vote for him.  Don't let the election be stolen.  Check your voter registration online.  Print out a copy to take with you to vote.  Your vote is critical and needed to stop our country from being sold to the top 1%.

As always, pleas phone bank and donate at  We need you to vote loud and clear that this election is about what is right for America and theft is never acceptable no matter where it happens



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Friday, May 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders Convention Math

I am by far not a math expert but I read lots of political stories from every state on the primaries.  It does not take a ton of polling data to see where the election is heading.  Bernie Sanders will walk onto the convention floor with more delegates than Hillary Clinton for many reasons.

Reason #1  Western states are very liberal and at the same time look at a candidates background on honesty and trustworthiness.  Bernie blows his opponent out of the water there.

Reason #2  Western states are friendlier to people that seem more genuine.  Bernie blows his opponent out of the water there.

Reason #3  Western states just love Bernie and his message.  His opponent just can't sell what she is offering.  She can not offer an honest reason to not release her Wall Street transcripts and that does not go well with western values.

Reason #4  Bernie Sanders is consistent on his positions over his entire political career.  His opponent has flipped and flopped depending on polling data.

Reason #5 Bernie Sanders is fighting for a living wage at $15 and hour, his opponent thinks that is to high and wants much less.

Reason #6 through #5026 He makes sense and is the first politician willing to just tell the truth.

On to the math.  The delegates from this point are such and this does not include the bullshit super delegates that don't vote till the convention and can change their vote.  This is just simple math based on online opinion and not polls for each state.

As of 5/13 Bernie Sanders has 1433 delegates and Hillary Clinton has 1716 delegates.  Bernie is projected to  win the last 8 of 9 states including California the mega jackpot of delegates.  And if California goes big like Washington did then we have a mega blowout at the convention of delegates.  If 71% vote for Bernie he will get 398 delegates.

Oregon is a very strong state for Bernie Sanders and could be well over 75% voting for him.  That is 55 delegates for Bernie  They vote in the next few weeks and have an open primary.  Oregon will be the momentum into California that could go well over 75% or higher for Bernie Sanders.  You must be registered as a Democrat or Unaffiliated to vote so check your voter registration Californians. The only remaining state that Bernie may have a problem with is New Jersey.  But the tide is changing and Jersey loves a good fight for the underdog.

Bernie will win Kentucky, New Mexico, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota by larger than life margins.  He needs big wins in each state.  Over 60%

Now we have to wonder if New Jersey could be an upset state?  Can Bernie take the state?  I think he can.  The momentum is in Bernie Sanders favor and people vote the momentum.  My projections are that Bernie Sanders will enter the Democrat Convention floor with 46 more delegates than his opponent.  That number will flip hundreds of super delegates to his favor. 

Vote for Bernie Sanders


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Saturday, May 07, 2016

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

America is in a world of trouble.  Our infrastructure is collapsing, our schools are in shambles, income inequality is out of control, and our political system seems to be bought and paid for by the elites of the nation.  Our middle class is shrinking and the poor get even poorer.  We the people need a leader that will fight for us, defend us, and lead us to better days.  That would be you Bernie.

We need a leader that isn’t afraid to stand up to special interest and even shut them down.  When banks and mortgage companies defraud people then we need to call them on it.  When corporations deceive and poison our environment we need someone to call them on it.  When corporations move our good paying jobs out of the country we need a strong leader to call them to heal.  When our friends and family are going without health care we need a strong leader to right that wrong.  Far too many people are dying because the cost of health care is too high. 

We the people stand behind you on many issues.  We are not just Democrat or Republican but also Independent voters.  We are the ones driving your campaign and funding it because we believe in your message and your fight for doing what is right.  All over America we are volunteering for you, talking up you message, and people are very open to what you have to say.  We come to the rallies in massive numbers because you are what America is dying of thirst to hear.

We the people are behind you and will bring you a congress that will change America if you are our next president.  We the people are supporting people that back you down the ticket and we will vote for them.  That is the next congress.  But the election and system is rigged against you.  We see it, I’m sure you see it.  All of your political consultants have probably told you that the system is rigged.  We are not buying it. 

These next couple of weeks you should do well and we hope that you will have many surprising landslides against your opponent.  Unless there are some election problems like closing of polling places and blatant changing of voters registrations to keep them from voting.

We the people ask that you fight to the end.  Stay in this race.  The rules the DNC asked you to commit to they have already broken many times over.  They are your opponents strong arm.  Stick to the end.  The chairwoman of the DNC will not be in the next congress.

We the people are backing the best person to lead America into the coming decade.  Bringing our nation up and giving people a living wage. 

When we Democrats get to the convention, and as you said it will be contested, we will fight hard for you Senator Sanders.  This race for President is far from over.  We can elect a leader with integrity and honesty.  But, big old but, if the system is rigged and we all see it, and want to vote for you across all party lines then don’t you think that we the people should have Bernie Sanders on the ballot come next November? 

We need you more now than ever Bernie.  Don’t give up on us.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

This Blog Endorses Bernie Sanders

Whatever reason you feel the need to vote I thank you for just voting.  Voting in America should be higher and the only candidate that is bringing out the vote is Bernie Sanders.  He is touching the heart of Americans and getting them out to vote.

This blog, no matter how insignificant is endorsing Bernie Sanders.  He is our only hope for real change in America. Bernie Sanders is the only hope we have to not have a Trump White House.

Please vote for Bernie Sanders in your state primary or caucus.


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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Take a look at the guy from Vermont

Bernie Sanders is the guy from Vermont you want to look at.  Check his voting record out.  His record in the Senate and the Congress are all about the people.  He has backed or authored legislation for our elderly, our veterans, our kids schools, healthcare for all, and the list goes on and on.

Bernie Sanders is blowing away anyone running for president online.  The polling data is not even closely accurate.  How can a guy that shows up for a rally in Birmingham, Alabama draw 7,000 people?  Last time I checked Alabama was a die hard red state.  Red states are feeling the Bern and love Bernie Sanders.  Every event he shows up at in Iowa is to overflowing crowds.  Some town where the population is just 300 people including children and 700 people show up to hear his message.  People are driving over a hundred miles to hear him speak.  That fact is true because it happens EVERYWHERE he speaks.  In blue states, he fills to over capacity huge venues of over 20,000 people and has to have overflow crowds watch on monitors.  The data of the polls is way off base.  In every political blue states he is on fire with huge crowds having to move venues to larger and larger locations because the demand to see him is that huge.  Now in Red States he is having to move to bigger and bigger venues.  His opponent could reserve a few tables at Denny's to hold an event.  Crowd control is not a problem in their campaign. 

Side bar, what does it say about a Democrat/Independent/Democrat Socialist candidate for President of the United States of America message when he goes to die hard GOP states and holds a rally and 7,000 people come out to see him.  It says volumes.  Alabama is feeling the Bern.

Bernie Sanders is on the heartbeat of America and he is on fire.  He will win Iowa and New Hampshire by a landslide.  While I write this post his numbers are climbing in South Carolina and Nevada.  The so called "Fire Wall" for his opponent is crumbling because his opponent can not even grasp the idea of how to really get in touch with the people. The ability to insert or give enthusiasm to the people just is not there.  It's almost like she knows she is the next president, demands she is the next president, and knows she will be the next president.  Her big corporate sponsors are demanding it too.  Nobody is feeling the love though like they do for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders fight is our fight.  He does not have a Super PAC and he does not need one if We the People are funding his campaign.  His message is real, his attack plan once President is simple.  Bernie Sanders is going to fight for us and we are going to have to have his back once he is elected.  This campaign is not over once he takes the oath of office.  Bernie is going to need us ALL more than ever when he pushes his Medicare for all plan.  Bernie is going to need us all for his free college tuition at state colleges.  Bernie is going to need us all when he fights to correct our criminal justice system.  I could go on and on but you get the picture.  This battle does not end when we vote for him for President. 

We the people are the POLITICAL REVOLUTION.  We the people will have to stand up and be pitch fork carrying citizens to prod the congress to passing his and our wish list.  It is our country we are going to have to fight for an
d we can do that.  OR, we could vote Democrat across the ballot.  The House and Senate have to go blue for Bernie Sanders presidency to have a chance for all the programs he wants to pass.  If the House and Senate stay in control of the Republicans then he will face the same dilemma as President Obama.  A do nothing and obstructionist Congress.

We the People own our Government.  Time to stand up and join the Bernie Sanders political revolution.

Are you with us?  Donate.  He can't help you if you don't fund him.  BERNIE SANDERS FOR PREZ


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Friday, January 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders and African Americans

Long before there was a politically correct name for African Americans there was this guy going to school in Chicago, Illinois that saw a wrong and was arrested for protesting that wrong.  Segregated housing. That was in the 1960's.  That same guy has the same values today in 2016.  Did I mention that he was arrested for protesting?

Folks talk about the Senator from Vermont as if he is a whites only candidate.  What the hell is up with that?  Donald Trump is a whites only candidate and he has endorsements from every racial hating group in America.  What is up with that?  What does that say about the campaign Trump is running?  Has he denied any of their endorsements?

Bernie Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr.  He was a young man with core beliefs of what America should be.  He is the same man today.  He has not flip flopped on any issue he believes in to get your vote.  He is not pandering to any race because he is genuine in his thoughts and voting record. 

You can vote for Hi11ary and think you are electing the first woman for president but you are selling yourself out to the people that want to keep you and your people down.  Bill Clinton was loved by the African American community.  Hi!!ary is not her husband.  (notice i did not mention the queen designated the the next presidents name)  We the people are not stupid.  We the people that are funding Bernie Sanders campaign are obliged to no master.  What does a candidate do if they have received millions in donations from Wall Street and every other special interest group that wants to keep America the same old same old back door money for favors deal?

Bernie Sanders does not have a Super Pac and he does not want one.  That fact in itself speaks volumes to his character.  What does his character have to do with the African American community?  It has an amazing amount to do with this election.  INCOME INEQUALITY!

We need to raise our nation up from the lower and middle classes and we can not do that if all the of the income in America goes to the top.  Record corporate profits go in the pockets of the 1% and you try to figure out how to pay the electric bill.  Enough is enough, is enough.

Trickle down economics is a disaster and will never work.  Greed wins.

How do we fix this?  We join the Political Revolution of Bernis Sanders and vote Democrat across the ballot to give him a congress and senate that will pass legislation that helps all of us and not just the 1%.  Become the voice that he was in the 1960's!  He didn't need to know what race your were in the 1960's to protest a wrong.  It was in his gut to do what is right.  He is still the same man.  Bernie Sanders doe not see a Black person, a Chinese person, a Gay person, or even a Republican person to hate.  He sees you as an American and that is all that he cares about.  YOU are and American.  And as he said, no person elected president can do this alone.  He needs us now and come the first day of his presidency.  Join the political revolution.


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