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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Minimum Wage and Estate Tax

If there is ever one single day in this Congress history that proves that the Republican Party is just all about the rich of this nation it was proven today. Never in our nations history has it been so blatantly stated by two votes in our house of represenatatives.

Today they shot down on a vote to not raise the minimum wage but in another vote gave a huge tax break to the millionaires once more by passing the estate tax legislation that cuts the taxes on millionaires once more. Dress the estate tax cut up as poor farmers in the midwest and sell it as a pro-American thing to do. That is how the Republicans voiced their decision on the vote. Tell the people working on that same farm that you do not need a raise in pay and then spit in their faces.

Step back and look at it from any angle or direction you want and you just have to say to yourself that this isn't right. The minimum wage that has not been raised in over ten years is okay but giving a tax break to the millionaires to protect their estates is also okay on the same day? This is an issue that is black and white. History is funny and she carries a balance sheet. Congress in the same time span has given themselves over thirty grand a year in pay raises!

To this Congress the lower class is scum and the rich need even more tax breaks and money and they are good. Same ideology with Veterans that are Democrat and die for our nation are bad and Republican Veterans that also die for our nation are good? Does anyone other than me see how wrong this is? The grab for the almighty dollar is rampant in this Congress and the haves will have and the have nots they will legislate to forever have not. What the hell would an idiot like your or I making $5.15 an hour do with a two dollar raise? Nope trickle down works better in their minds.

When a society and government goes so far as to seperate a free people to such an extent as they have chossen to do so then they have become the monarchies of yesteryear Europe. America is a country of the people and for the people. This countries experiment in freedom was never designed to be inclusive of the select few. That would be a path that would end up in disaster. This Congress has chossen a path of seperation.

From this mess we have a democracy and the choice that our forefathers gave us. We need to vote. If these two votes in your Congress make you mad then you need to make sure you vote. You need to choose who will lead us. You alone need to decide what you want for leadership in your government. That is the beauty of America. If you don't like what is happening you alone have a voice to change it. If you don't think your vote does not count, think again. The Supreme Court has decided one too many elections.

Vote for justice for all and vote for people that will change the status quo. America does not and should never have a ticker symbol on Wall Street. Isn't that where our President wanted to send our retirement system?


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