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Saturday, June 10, 2006

George Washington Vs George Bush

There is so extreme a difference between these two Presidents of the United States that it is not even funny. George Washington believed in the expansion of our peoples rights and George Bush believes in the contraction of our rights. George Washington believed in the common man so much that rather than become a King he walked away. George Bush would prefer to be an Emperor but that is another discussion for another day.

Below are some clips from George Washingtons first address and in it you can see what I am talking about. He talks about Immigration and the serious need for people to be aware of thier rights as an American.

George Washington First Annual Message 1/8/1790

Various considerations also render it expedient, that the terms on which foreigners may be admitted to the rights of Citizens, should be speedily ascertained by a uniform rule of naturalization.

Nor am I less persuaded, that you will agree with me in opinion, that there is nothing, which can better deserve your patrionage, than the promotion of Science and Literature. Knowledge is in every Country the surest basis of public happiness. In one, in which the measures of Government recieve their impression so immediately from the sense of the Community as in our's, it is proportionably essential. To the security of a free Constitution it contributes in various ways: By convincing those, who are entrusted with the public administration, that every valuable end of Government is best answered by the enlightened confidence of the people: And by teaching the people themselves to know and to value their own rights; to discern and provide against invasions of them; to distinguish between oppression and the necessary exercise of lawful authority; between burthens proceeding from a disregard to their convenience and those resulting from the inevitable exigencies of Society; to discriminate the spirit of liberty from that of licentiousness, cherishing the first, avoiding the last, and uniting a speedy, but temperate vigilence against encroachments, with an inviolable respect to the laws.

The welfare of our Country is the great object to which our cares and efforts ought to be directed. And I shall derive great satisfaction from a co-operation with you, in the pleasing though arduous task of ensuring to our fellow Citizens the blessings, which they have a right to expect, from a free, efficient, and equal Government.
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