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Friday, June 09, 2006

Politics Fine Gray Line

In politics it is funny to see how each side takes an offense as to how the other side is reacting to any given issue. Take the Ann Culter debacle this week. The left is outraged and ready to tar and feather her for daring to say anything remotely off color about the widows of 9/11 and in my opinion rightfully so. The right is outraged at how narrow minded the left is and not listening to her overall point and that the left can never see the big picture.

Or take for instance the not soon enough demise of Zarqawi in Irag. You might have heard about this story in the news lately. He’s the murdering thug from Al Qaida that choked to death on a thousand pound bomb courtesy of the US Military. I’m just guessing that nobody was willing to perform the Heimlich maneuver on him so he is no more of this world. The left is pretty much glad that he is dead but knows that this is not another one of President Bush’s turning points of the war. The right is pissed off that we aren’t all partying in the streets and sending congrat’s cards to 1600 Penn Ave in DC for a job well done.

Then we could look at the corruption problem with our elected leaders and see where each side lands on this one. The left is willing to pay for the handcuffs for every Republican arrested and split the cost of the orange jump suits. The right accuses the left of finger pointing and then turns up the heat on Democrat Representative Jefferson so much that they might have broken a law or two in doing so.

What this all comes down to is that there was an election this week to replace the now convicted Republican Duke Cunningham and the election was as close as you would want it to get. The Republican won the election by just over five thousand votes. The real story behind the Republican winning is all in the look see at the money trail. It cost them four point five million for the seat. The party spent whatever amount of money it had to in order to win. One thing I have not seen online is what the voting numbers and margins were in the previous elections for the same seat.

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