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Friday, June 23, 2006

Americas Future

Where is our future as Americans? The future is only as bright as the decisions we make today for the next generations to come. What directions and paths we choose to follow will be our children’s fate to follow and live with. We have to be wise and not just think of ourselves but the many generations ahead of us.

Ask yourself what your Grandmother and Grandfather would do if Franklin Roosevelt never started Social Security to give them an income to live on in old age? What would become of your brainiac kid if John F. Kennedy didn’t dare us all to reach for the stars creating generations of engineers asking why not? Where would we be as a nation if Thomas Jefferson did not insist that we always question our governments motives? For that matter if Abe Lincoln looked the other way and never introduced the Emancipation Proclamation? America is built on a foundation of great men that did not think of the present but of the future.

What I’m getting at is that to be President of these United States of America you have to look beyond your own parties interests and work for positive changes to the American way of life. You have to be willing to challenge your people to be greater than they think they are. Ronald Reagan broke the back of the communist by diplomacy and face to face meetings and in doing so he ended the cold war by being a strong President. Today we all have the weight of the cold war off our backs and live in friendship with a people once considered the ultimate enemy.

America needs leadership with a vision for the future. When that leadership returns to our nation then we will once again be the greatest nation on Earth. That is when our people will grow and become one rather than two sides joined only by a flag that each side would die for to stomp out the other sides voice.


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