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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi and the War

With the death of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi it is time for the Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri Al-Maliki to step up to the plate and lead his people. Without a true leader directing all of the different factions then chaos will remain a mainstay of life in Iraq. With all the militias and factions clamoring for more power over one another it is going to take serious leadership skills to change the daily events of one group killing another and the retaliation factors that come into play the next day.

I’m led to believe that a country like Iraq needs a firm leader that is willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain the peace. Maliki’s first ambitious leadership role should be to disband and disarm the militias that are so volatile and unpredictable. The only way he is going to be able to achieve that task is by using brut force.

John McCain was on Imus this morning talking about the appointments of key ministers in the Iraq government and that alone spoke volumes to how much progress has been made to date. Each one of the ministers had to be approved by the three parties sitting in the government. Which of course means that all three parties agreed that the appointees were acceptable to their own individual parties needs.

I would like to think that the death of Zarqawi is a real turning point in the war but I honestly don’t think so.
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