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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Safavian is Guilty - Wash. Post

One more down and out for the count with a guilty verdict on four out of five counts. This is just one more trial that the Mini Publicans are going to go through over the next couple of years. All of the dealing of Jack Abramoff is slowly coming out of the woodwork and I’m just guessing that Rep. Bob Ney will be next on the indictment list. We all know how loyal these guys are when it comes time to facing a jail sentence or co-operating with the special prosecutor.

It’s nice to see justice finally coming around. It’s a slow process but when it comes to the end of it all it is more than worth the wait. For me personally, I’m glad that they are dragging it out for as long as they have. Each trial keeps repeating the same message. Every couple of weeks there is another news headline of yet another Mini Publican going off to jail. As our good friend Karl Rove is fond of saying. Keep to the same message and repeat it over and over again. Howard Dean couldn’t pay enough money for this kind of advertising.

I’m waiting to see the first bumper sticker that says…Republican = Guilty Plea.


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