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Friday, June 02, 2006

Immigration Laws from our Congress

If you have the dream to come to America for a better life then you will do whatever you have to to get here. I can't honestly blame the current people living here illegally for doing so. They fill a void for our nation that the rest of us do not want to do for a living. They come for the dream and no matter what legislation the current administration tries to pass as laws to make them criminals it will never make a difference. The land of opportunity is America. It isn't Canada, it isn't Great Britain, and it is never and will be China. This is the location that immigrants will seek for a better life than what they had from the countries they were born in.

Then again, do they know that we have serious issues that we deal with every day that effect all of us like immigration? Damn straight they do! This is where they want to raise their families so they do have a voice.

I'm of the mindset that if you came to this country to seek the dream then you are going to try harder to make that dream come true for you and your children than the spoiled brat kid that I'm raising under my own roof. Next generation will be their own kid. The cycle is the cycle. Get used to it.

Coming to America is a risk. No, it is a gamble. Betting that your children will be better off here than in the country you came from. Pick a point on the map of the world and where would you want to be to have an opportunity to make a better life. The United States sticks out like a sore thumb. As the father of five daugthers I hope and pray that they will do whatever it takes to make sure my grandchilden someday down the road will be better off than their parents were. What is the difference between us and immigrants wanting a better life for their families? There isn't one. People are just people. America is what she is and together we are the land of opportunity.


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