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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Flag Burning

I have to agree with my friend over at the Gun Toting Liberal on where all this bull crap from the Mini Publicans is going. Flag burning? The one and only time I have ever seen a flag burned was down at my fathers Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and it was a demonstration of respect for all the tattered flags turned in by regular people that respect our flag and trusted veterans to deal with it in a respectful manner.

Driving around my neighborhood I don't see to many signs for a flag burning party and barbecue but I do see lots of yard sale signs. Tons of yard sale signs! That in itself tells you that folks are not doing so well. That isn't important to the Abramoff gang on Capitol Hill. They have to go after the religious base that is always patriotic and will always defend America to the end. It simply amazes me that they get the message through? How do you word your side of the case to sell to your constituents that you need to send thier children off to die in a war that they lied about to begin with? Then you had to change the reason for it to something else because somebody found out you were lying. No WMD's or Mobile Biological Weapons trucks... Then you had to change it again to make it so vague that nobody no longer knows what the war is really about! Then you hold a non-binding vote to prove who is tough on terrorism and who is just Constitutionally bound to uphold the laws of our country?

So here we all are at flag burning. I'm pretty sure that it is a freedom of expression issue and you can't top the Constitution on that. Would I punch somebody in the face for lighting my flag on fire? Probably. My freedom of expression has rights too. But I can understand the reason for doing it to get the attention of your government to the seriousness of your arguement no matter what it is. Then again, the Mini Publicans are trying to warp the Constitution and bastardize it with every issue they can think of aren't they? Defining marriage was a good one for the Mini Publican base but that didn't work out so well did it?

If they try to change the Constitution based on the fear of our flag being burned as a matter of free speech and Freedom of Expression then you have to ask yourself what is next? Who is next? The simple answer is YOU!

Whenever a government passes a law to supress your right to express your opinion in any form or manner then it is the beginning of the end of that government. Vote wisely come November.

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Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Appreche, PapaMoka; I agree (obviously) with ya. I've reciprocated your kind link on the referenced post.

You know, now that I think about it, I've also never seen somebody burn a Flag. That just goes to show you how absolutely STUPID this legislation and debate really is. Blog ONNN, brother! And keep up the good work fightin' the good fight!

12:37 AM  

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