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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Follow the Money

Well now the government is following the money of terrorists out to hurt America. This according to the NY Times and President Bush and Cheney. It turns out that President Bush is very upset that this was leaked to the press where as the transactions they are following are (Key Word) "Mostly" overseas.

Remember how the phone tapping story broke and it was "Mostly" overseas calls in and out of this country? Then it turned out that Grammy talking to Uncle Ned who could both be in their eighties from their respective nursing homes are both under surveilance too! So where is this "Mostly" going to end up for this latest and greatest story?

As my friends over at the Gun Toting Liberal and The Moderate Voice has this one pretty much covered I'm going to watch their followups to this story. It hurts my brain to much to try and figure all the other things that our government can do with this information. I was wondering this point of thought... if you are a Republican and oh say that you needed to hide a couple of dollars overseas from the IRS... do you think the government is sharing this info across agencies???

How many Mini Publicans are now going to see what could be wrong with this approach to fighting terrorists? Follow the money, start the head count of Mini Publican's fighting this one...

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