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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ann Coulter and 9/11

Ann Coulter is nothing more than a shock jock with a book to sell. Her comments about the widows of 9/11 were idiotic and we all know it. Frankly, she deserves to be in the spot light so we can all see what an idiot is and put a face next to the label. So what is the deal with this woman with so much hate and anger spewing out of her mouth? Was there a mistake in the womb and her mouth was swapped out with her ass? I don’t think that even she knows what drives her rage. To be honest with you I sort of feel bad for her. All that hate will eat you up and spit you out.

So I’m just wondering if the Conservative movement and the rest of the Mini Publican’s are getting on board with this woman? She paints herself as the go to voice for the Chris Matthews show and appears rather frequently as the voice of Conservatives. Is the example she is setting the true face of Conservatives? I’m just wondering because it makes for great material from the left side of the isle where I’m sitting.

I thought it was almost comical when I saw a blip of her interview with Matt Lauer and she went after him for giving her attitude. Matt Lauer can give a great interview and for him to back pedal like he did so as not to offend her kind of made me sick.

Okay now we have to sum up because this idiot does not deserve the time of day. She is like the car accident on the highway, you hate to see it but everyone looks. Conservative Republican politics equals driving angry and being an idiot. Think of it like this, the guy flipping you off because he cut you off on the road is a Conservative Republican.

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