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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unity08 is Fragmented

Holy crap! I'm not a friendly advocate of any third party but Unity08 is one fragmented bunch of angry folks. Just checking out the comments from people associated with it was more than interesting.

Get a grip and vote for the Democrat's in 2008! If you want change from what has gone on for the last eight years then get the Mini Publicans out of office by uniting with the Democratic Party! Maybe the Mini Publicans are right that we as a party can not come to some term of unification? I don't know how splitting the party and the like minded people will do the country any good other than handing the Mini Publicans a victory at the polls come November.

For the most part I would not think that this whole idea of a third party could come from no body else other than a Karl Rove institution. Divide and conquer. As long as we are divided then they will rule the country.

Just for the record, we have to put up somebody better than Hillary in the next election. Serious times need far more serious people to step up to the plate.

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