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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tony Snow and Bill O'Reilly

Rich Uncle Bill O'Reilly had Tony Snow the White House Press Secretary on his show tonight. I had to watch the piece just for shits and giggles. This was nothing but a fluff interview and Uncle Bill knew it. Soft questions from his listeners on the radio and soft questions for his guest and former co-worker. Uncle Bill proved tonight that he is a GOP pocket boy. Uncle Bill gets a Loufa sponge bath for the parties gratitude.

They even went so far as to put out a poll that was so lopsided that it wasn't even remotely a poll! Let me define a lopsided poll... you only ask questions that are favorable to your side of the story and obviously leave out the other side of the question. They were spinning in the so called no spin zone asking how you as a viewer felt about the recent story from the NY Times on the banking tracking of funds. I'm parphrasing but it was asking if A. Do you think the publisher that released the story should be held treasonous? B. Do you think that the New York Times should be held accountable for treason? C. Nobody is to blame? There was no question of government wrong doing or blame.

What the hell kind of poll is that. Smoke and mirrors and party politics to the parties base is all it was. I was waiting for the D. question asking if you think the government is breaking the LAW once more? Or how about E. Do you trust President Bush anymore given the fact that he and big brother are tapping your phones, your banks and your emails? Or how about question F. Do you believe the President of the United States should have the power to throw out the first ammendment to the Constitution and the freedom of the press? Or question G. Do you think that it is acceptable for the President to write in his own definition of laws that the Congress passes and act accordingly?

Fox Not the News has once more proven that they are so biased that it could make you sick.

I have to go wash my hands because all this dirty typing on the spin that Fox and Uncle Bill have spun has them just disgusting. Anybody have some bacteria fighting hand wash soap I can borrow? I need to get this red stain out too... Clorox or some other kind of bleach might do it.


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