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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Defining the Republican Party

From the get go the Bush administration has unleashed their messenger Karl Rove to define the Republican Party base and to make sure that the message is the same. Karl Rove is one of those folks that saw an opportunity in our countries history and barely sold his message twice. Some folks would say that he was the brains behind the administration and those on the opposing side would say that isn’t that far off the mark. Tell me that I’m wrong? Karl sells hate and he is damned good at it. Just look to the news and see where he is selling his wares now.

Karl Rove alone gave George Bush the Texas Governors office with his style of divide and conquer. He then handed the office of President of the United States to George Bush twice with the same philosophy and dirty politics. Although some courts had to decide the margin of error and the ultimate winner he still won the office of President for his benefactor. Karl Rove will never see a day better than that. His fifteen minutes of fame are up. The game he plays as party politics is out of the bag. He’s done, he is over. End of game for Karl.

Who is going to listen to him? The party base will but that is just about it. They can have the millionaires and billionaires pay all they want for the next election but it isn’t going to work. One reason. He called two Veterans, two highly decorated men, Cowards. It does not matter how he phrased it, he called them cowards. That from a man that never served in the United States Military.

Somewhere out there is a reporter that is going to dig up a story on Karl Rove either burning the flag in protest to our soldiers in Vietnam or a simple statement against all of our soldiers over in Vietnam during his college days. Somewhere in history Karl Rove is going to hate himself when it comes out.

Karl Rove is nothing but a fake imposter of what the real Conservative base is. True Conservatives serve their country and fight for our way of life. They send their kids off to war just like us on the other side of the isle. Did Karl ever evade service to his country and avoid the draft? He could not have if he is in fact the voice of the Republican Party so is he also the voice of President Bush while he is on his speaking tour? Are all Democrat Veterans Cowards? Does that include our Democrat KIDS serving in Iraq?

I’m a moderate middle of the road Democrat and a Liberal and I for one will never say our kids fighting for our country do not count if they are for one party or another or even if they are an immigrant serving to gain citizenship! All our troops need all of our support and Karl Rove is an idiot selling hate. Bash a Vet that served this country and your message is just stupid. That has no place in America.

Question is this, can he sell it to all the millionaires that they have aggressively defended with all the tax cuts and throw backs that they passed. Pretty sure that they can.

Elections are not decided by the money spent, they are decided by the vote you cast. If you believe the bull crap that Karl Rove has to sell then continue on with your ideology and wait for the bank to foreclose on your home. They are not looking out for you. They are protecting the base that is the top five percent of income earners in our nation. Money talks and bullshit walks. Ka Ching goes the Republican check book mentality. That is how they protect their own interests.

Vote Democrat and get rid of the special interest and corruption.


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