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Thursday, June 29, 2006

It Sucks Being Political

I've been writing my political opinion for a couple of months and I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading the thoughts and theories I present. I'm talking about reading it and sifting it through your head and having thoughts that could expand or contract the opinions I present. Commenting on the right or wrong of my thoughts. Life is a never ending educational experience where sometimes the mighty learn from the lowest of voices. Not that I am anybody of any great purpose in this world but I have my voice where as so many do not.

In most states less than half the people that are eligible to vote actually make it to the polls. Of that half that can vote less than half of them bother to vote locally or nationally. Of that half the majority of them vote either blindly on party lines or on a sound bite from a political message. Are we becoming a society that accepts whatever is handed to us as our just deserts? How does this lack of interest by most people on daily affairs in our nation not matter to them?

I have an idea about just that situation. I think that America and her people have become fat and happy in their three bedroom home with 2.5 kids and two cars in the driveway. Most Americans today live to spend. Sometimes we spend more than we have but there is a credit card or home equity loan that will wipe that debt all out. If that doesn't work we USED to have bankruptcy where you tell all your creditors to go screw. We have become the big fat Romans that think our nation is impervious to the perils of the world. All the while our leaders are stripping away at the middle and lower class to benefit the top of the food chain.

Our government is fighting two wars in two nations that the new governments of both nations no longer want our forces there. Our nation is divided in two by the haves and the have nots. Our leaders are determined to make sure that staying the course is the message you only need to hear. Divide and conquer while the nations largest of employers and businesses screw over the rest of us with our leaders blessings. Then move our jobs south of the border with a huge tax cut benefit from our own elected leaders or they just eliminate them entirely by buying from China or India or Mexico or the list goes on.

So I'm sitting here fat and stupid as most of us Americans are and wondering if we really won the cold war or did it move into our living room? Phones tapped, bank account is tapped and my paycheck is shrinking more and more. Did the Soviet Union and the Communist Party move to Washington, DC? The President wants to attack the press for reporting news that we all need to hear but then again he wants all of us to be very very afraid. If he and the Republican party had their way then they would use the Constitution for kindling but defend such a move as protecting us all from terrorists.

Think about it. Toss it around in your head. Is the war on terror just an excuse for our nations leaders to rip off the people of the United States by creating a fear that they continually repeat the same message. Be very very afraid. Watch the idiot box that some people call the television for the Mini Publican message of whom is not tough on defending our nation. Think about the opposite side of the message? Who is defending the Constitution and your rights against the fear factor machine?

Good news is that Exxon will once again post another record breaking profit. I'd buy shares in it but after tanking up I don't have any money left to invest. Life is good. Anyone want to buy an apple?

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