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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hold the Frigin Presses!!!

President Bush and Puppet Man Frist (hey the guy looks like a puppet to me) had an important speech to make today that is at the heart of all Americans deep darkest fears.

Gay Marriage and Flag Burning are the tops of their political agenda to save our nation. Holy crap that is huge news! You know how these things spread. It’s like a virus that infects everyone and before you know it POW! Everyone is gay and burning flags in the living room. It could become the next American pass time. Invite all your same sex friends over, a couple of them get married in a strictly Pagan ceremony and hold hands as they toast marshmallows over a dozen American Flags in the barbecue pit. It could happen ya know!

With all the really important problems this country has going on right now they think these two issues deserve immediate attention? Here they go again with the Shinny Object over here while they entertain their political base with real un-government issues over there. What a joke. A really idiotic and bad joke.

Somebody needs to explain to Bush and Puppet boy Frist all about the separation of church and state thingy that Tommy Jefferson was so big on. I liked Tommy, he was a really smart guy that did stuff to found the nation. Then George and Puppet boy need to be told about freedom of speech. Damn it if good old Tommy covered that one too!

The two of them need to stop screwing around and get some real work done. Wait a second, Puppet boy Frist is running the least worked Congress ever. Damn it if George isn’t one of the largest users of vacation time too. America, we have a real problem to deal with.

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