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Saturday, June 24, 2006

America's Future is Tomorow

Looking around you today in your own neighborhood you can see what is America today. One person looking out for one another and when you see something not right in the world you live in you act immediately. Its your neighborhood. What happens to your neighbor can happen to you. You do whatever you have to in order to protect your way of life.

As Americans we enjoy so many priveledges and gifts that we don't even know that we have them. We can do as we please whenever we please for as long as we please as long as it is within the laws that our nation lives under.

The largest fear we have to face today in America is if our government is living under those same laws that the rest of us abide by. That leads us to the ultimate question of what is right and what is wrong? That question was in fact dictated in our own founding fathers words put to paper so many decades ago. It started of with We the people...

In our own neighborhood we know the difference of right and wrong but in the world of nations and with the threat of terrorism anywhere is our government living by the same rules or for a single purpose?

I can't answer that question. I'm going about the business of raising my five daughters in our own little piece of the world. They are my future, they are just five of many children that will be all of our future.

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