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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bush and Frist dilemma

What do you do with two guys that think that the country needs to focus on hate issues first and formost rather than deal with real life issues that every American is suffering under. Gas prices out of control, home heating cost trippled and as a parent you have to make the choice over groceries for your family or heat? Then your President and his friend Frist decide that it is a good thing to cut home heating assistance to New England because big money needs another tax cut. This is the legacy that Bush and Frist have ownership of. Do not let them show you a shinney object in one hand and pass another injustice on the American people.

This is what you have to do to see a change in America. You tell a friend what you read here or anywhere else and tell them to tell a friend. They tell friends and the progression of the idea moves on. As American's we are beholding to one another. If you can not look out for your brother and sister then your lot in life is not worth being. All the legislation that Bush and Frist have railroaded through the Congress will screw over the middle and lower class for decades to come. Debts to high, Bush and Frist screwed you and made it easier for the credit card companies to take your home. Big business banks, big business Bush and Frist are the same thing. Can't heat your home and you are over sixty five, sorry we need to pass a tax cut for big oil companies. Want to get your kid a good education and believe in the President's no child left behind then you might want to call a cab or something because Bush cut it out of the budget. If he didn't then Mr. Puppet Frist did one better.

If you are a middle or lower class American you no longer have a voice in this government. Bush has railroaded everyone but his base supporters and he will walk away with a smile on his face for doing so. Millionaires and Billionaires will take good care of him when he leaves office. That is how that side of the fence works.

All this latest agenda that President Bush is touching on is all smoke and mirrors for the run up to next November elections. Spread the hate and paint the fence the color that is the party of the President. It's all pointing at what all of us middle and lower class folks should be afraid of and how they have all the answers to it. Be very afraid of terrorists, immigrants and be very afraid of the gays and lesbians. Most importantly is that you should be very afraid that your life needs to be Constitutionally defined. That is the only way to be a true American. Anything less is not American. Bull Crap!

I'm an American! I don't care if Bob and Bob or Jill and Jill want to have a recognized union or marriage. If they find a church that says they are married then that is that churches belief. How does that differ from the fact that the Jewish faith recognizes Jesus as a prophet but not the Mesiah? It is religion! What the hell does that have to do with me and my marriage to my wife and my five daughters? Fear does not and never will define my wife and my definition of what our marriage is. What Bush and Frist are proposing has no reference other than hate and I'm pretty sure that I don't want my girls raised in a hate mentality sanctioned by our government with a Constitutional Ammendment saying so. No I'm confident on that fact.

I'll say it ten times and one thousand times. President Bush and Frist, get your homophobic thoughts out of Americas bedrooms and back into the government decisions that need to be dealt with today. It would be a better line of legislation to keep your ideoalogy out of the churches that do in fact have the right to define marriage. Separation of Church and State. Then again that is the Constitution and that is pretty simple idea but it works.


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