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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Exxon Mobile Shell Hess

All of these companies are price gouging and taking full advantage of the American people and nobody in our government sees a problem with it. Why do they not have a problem with it? They don't live the life of the common man or woman? Why do they not step in and stop the madness? They have personal interest in the gains at the pump and it is a short period of time that they can get away with it. November is coming and the elections will change the grab all you can mentality. It has too. If the people that think that America status quo is okay then they need to look at the thirty bucks it takes to just get to half a tank of gas.

In todays big business world it is a free for all as long as the current administation and its party hold the majority of all houses of our government.

They are selling out America's manufacturing jobs to the cheapest sources they can find in Mexico and anywhere in the world and giving the companies that sell your job out a tax break to do so. More money in the pockets of the top is all that is important to this government. Your job and your family is not a factor in the equation. The almighty dollar is far more important to the CEO or COO making millions already to the company profit margin.

Who is up next for the record profit margin in the world? Do you as a worker see any of that profit? Do you as one of the employee's of that company see your wages increased to reflect that great profit? Think about it. Inflation is out of control and our government says that it is not. What is wrong with this picture? Somebody is telling the truth and somebody is lying. Why is your grocery bill out of control?

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