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Friday, June 30, 2006

Medicare for Immigrants?

This law that the Republican Congress passed is going to cut off anyone on Medicare or Medicaid if you can not prove your legal right as an American Citizen every year. Even if you are in a nursing home with Alzheimers or Dementia and you are the only one capable to speak for yourself. No record, toss them out on the street.

Hold the damn door for that nice lady from Guatamala but make sure you take her walker as the nice boys from the Republican party shove her out the door into the cold. I know I am not the only human being in this nation that thinks this law is wrong on so many levels. I don't care if you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu or even an Atheist you have the instinct within your brain to protect your elderly. Age and what comes with it does not make you a NON CITIZEN of this great country.

Here is the problem with this law. Maybe Grams or Grampa came here illegally sixty years ago, maybe they dodged the bullet but assimilated into our world when they were young. They raised a family here and that family raised a family and so on. All of those children are paying into the system and Grams and Grampa probably did too. Lets just say for shits and giggles that they have over one hundred decendants. All will pay into the system and laws we live by. So is it right to toss Grams out of the nursing home? At the same time all of her Social Security is going to pay for her care as well?

I lost my Dad to Alzheimers and he was cared for in a nursing home for several years after we could no longer handle him. He was a Veteran of two wars for our nation and it was like pulling teeth to get him care before he went into the nursing home. And we had all the proper paperwork to get that care! How the hell are we going to prove that our elderly parents or even ourselves are true citizens? How many elderly will be cast off the rolls and tossed to the curb.

I'm sorry but I will be screaming at my States Senator and Congressman to toss this rule out. I'd suggest you do the same. Caring for the elderly no matter where they are from is a human instinct and the so called right wing of the political spectrum had better be ready to pass out sandwhiches for the millions of lost Alzheimers victims in the years to come. This law is just STUPID on so many levels.

Think about this, Franklin Roosevelt ended the poor farms across our nation by creating Social Security. In six years the Republican party has re-instated the poor farm but they are going to look at landscaping the poor farm. Any direction you look at this legislation it still comes up as tossing an old lady or an old man to the curb. Not on my watch!

So if the feds are tossing the elderly out for lack of documentation under our current Furor's rule then it will end up in the states lap. Thank you very much to the Republican Party for once more dumping even more on our plate. Why do we pay medicaid again every week out of our pay again?

Screw Bush and Screw the Republican Party. Rich pukes looking out for even more rich pukes interests. Lets see if there is another tax cut on the horizon for the millionaires.... no we don't have to wait to long... here it comes.

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