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Sunday, June 25, 2006

War in Iraq

I can’t sit here and call our children fighting over in Iraq war mongerers or war lovers or anything of the kind. Our kids don’t want to be over there anymore than you or I would want to be over there. It’s a strange land with very different customs and ways of life. War is hell and they will do their best to survive it and live for another day.

I am thankful that our kids are serving their nation as best as they can. That is all a grateful nation can ask. Our troops are serving their President’s orders and that is what a well trained military does. They follow orders. They are in the situation while we are here discussing the legitimacy of the war in Iraq. That is what we as Americans are charged by our founding fathers to do. Our troops are the ones getting killed by roadside bombs and people of a nation that just do not want our troops there. What is the point in time or event that tells our President to bring them home? What is the end of this fight? How vague does the answer have to be for our kids to come home?

I’m amazed at the cowardice of our Congress and our President to make this a political argument of who is the better American. There is no such thing as a better American in this world! An American is someone that seeks freedom here and freedom for all no matter what land you live in. Republican or Democrat does not have a strong hold on what or who is the blessed American. What we as a nation have to face is how to get our kids home and out of this political war our kids are dying in every day?

America is a land of many and of one. We give to so many nations and we are supposed to ask nothing in return but that part of it has become politics at its worst. My way or the highway is not what we are all about.

America has given over the course of history so much to the world and all she asked in return is friendship. We are a nation that loves liberty so much that we want to spread it across the shores to everyone. I am one to think that our own experiment in freedom and democracy somehow does not fit well with cultures used to absolute power and rule. Then again I honestly think that we are facing that battle here at home amongst ourselves.

Tell me your opinion.


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