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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Raising the Minimum Wage 2006

I get pissed off whenever I hear the explanations for not raising the minimum wage. Claiming as reality that raising the minimum wage will curtail Small business employers from hiring more people simply is not true. Sprinkle some fairy dust on this one and it can fly just like the Mini Publicans say it will. The reality of this tell no truths is if a small business is doing well then they have repeat demand which means repeat profits. Which means the business will expand and grow.

Any small business owner with less than ten employees will be the first one to tell you that they aren’t successful because they are doing it alone. The front lines of a small business are the ones dealing with the businesses needs daily. That front end cashier of the small town market that keeps the little old ladies happy is more of a contribution to the business than the owner trying to save five cents on every can of beans he buys from his distributor. The kid stocking the shelves and helping customers in the store is building friendly memories when he knows exactly where the item is that the customer has been searching for. The guy that comes in nights part time and washes the floors and cleans up the store is building on the business by presenting a clean environment to do business.

Each person in any business no matter how small or big is contributing to the prosperity of the business because they are themselves profiting from the business by getting a paycheck. The majority of small business owners don’t need to be told what to pay the workers they hire because they already know the value of a good employee is returned in how you as the owner compensate them. The flip side of this coin is the employers that do not value the labor they hire and will continually rotate the employee’s out through the revolving door.

I get pissed off when I see our leaders in Congress that are already millionaires telling us that the folks making minimum wage don’t deserve a pay raise because it will hurt bussiness across our great nation. It is the ultimate slap in the face to have someone wearing a tie that would be three months of your pay at the minimum wage define why you don’t need any more pay for your efforts. Then on the news that same day you see yet another CEO get a check for $100 million or more in thanks for his services for a couple years of work. Makes you go hmmm don't it?

For the record, it has been nine years since the federal minimum wage has been raised. Once more the states are taking it onto themselves to set the levels. Check out where your state stands on the minimum wage. The Federal Government has been stagnant at $5.15 per hour.


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Blogger Steve said...

As you mention, some states have raised the minimum wage on their own, and, not surprisingly, it has helped those states' economic growth rise at a faster clip than the national average and the average growth of the states who haven't raised the minimum wage. While it's almost certainly not the only factor, it can't be mere coincidence, either.

6:46 AM  
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