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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stem Cell Research Veto

President Bush today proved once more that he is the “Decider” in the country and he knows what is best for America. Even if you don’t like it, he is going to make you eat it. Today he decided that Stem Cell Research is bad for our nation and science will have to seek other avenues to further expand the knowledge of this critical science.

President Bush wears fear like Ronald Reagan wore his Teflon jacket. He is comfortable in fear, he embraces fear, he spreads fear freely. If you look at all of his policies they are pretty much driven and passed though the use of fear tactics.

The lead up to war in Iraq he blamed terrorists like Osama Bin Laden in bed with Saddam but that was never true. Using fear of weapons of mass destruction he willed his fear on the people and brought us to war.

Prescription drugs he tells us that come from Canada that originated from US companies we should be fearful of? They might not be the same drugs sold in the states for huge profits by the drug companies and his pals. The list of fear tactics he has used are endless. Using the value of a life he painted his canvas with adopted embryos that are now children. He used the kids as the shiny object over hear while he held his veto pen over the bill and killed the future for millions of Americans and people all around the world. Calling his veto of the legislation the moral thing to do.

Today he willed his fear on the 14 million Americans from the baby boom generation that will soon come down with Alzheimer’s in their twilight years. Not to mention the millions that will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Then there are the many that will develop Juvenile Diabetes or cancer of so many different forms and sources. He just vetoed their future existence away using one simple emotion. Fear.

The same fear tactics that they used to attack DNA testing in its infancy. Pick a science and the far political right has feared it at every start. Today, at some clinic that was storing the embryos that could have been used for expanding medicine and mankind they are placing them in a black plastic trash bag. The donors of the embryos no longer have need for them or they are coming to a point where they are degrading past a useful purpose. Embryos are frozen and over a period of time they degrade and have to be discarded. This is the point where the research on Embryonic Stem Cells would kick in to accept them for scientific research purposes. Instead they will continue to label the bag as medical waste to be incinerated.

What many people don’t also know is that in the bill he vetoed on Stem Cell Research were also strict federal guidelines on the uses of human embryos for research. Those guidelines were tossed out too. President Bush’s veto does not stop the research. It simply prevents federal government money to be used in that research. And that research now has no Federal Government guidelines for the ethical use of those embryos.

We can now thank the Republican Party and it’s President for selling fear so well that they have moved the cures for millions of Americans with multitudes of disease far into the future. I was thinking about this and it was kind of funny that it even crossed my mind. If you followed the money to be made if this research is blocked where does it go? Then it hit me! Drugs, lots of drugs are used to treat the symptoms of all these diseases. You can’t make a ton of money if you cure the disease. If you cure it then what happens to the drug makers profits?

Things that make you go hmmmmm?

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Blogger PLC said...

It is true that stopping federal funding of stem cell research does not stop the research. But it doesn't simply push cures back to the drug companies, it also pushes stem cell research into the private sector, where it will be owned by private companies and then sold to the public at high prices, to cover the high costs of research. So the system we have for health care will continue. Those with money and position can afford health care or stem cell treatments, the poor and disadvantaged will not benefit because they won't be able to afford to.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I can't quote links but I can say that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are funding research in this field privately. That is progress where the government and our President can not have a say anymore. His veto today killed the legislation that would have controlled research in the private sector as well.

Thanks for the post and come back often.

10:26 PM  

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