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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Status Quo or Real Government?

Americans are going to be bombarded with the power of the NEW and Improved Republican Party this fall for the run up to the elections. Karl Rove, the almost indicted man that we can all trust is already loose on the nation spreading his message of deception and hate where ever he can get a microphone. Karl has one gig left and he is giving it his last best shot. He has to know that the game is over.

Karl, Dick and George have screwed over every form of life under the millionaire level in eight years. The message no longer sells. All the people they took up the hill with them are going down because of him and the other two. End of Game.

You can think that you are a Conservative Republican if you want but if you are struggling to pay the bills on your own home because they have doubled or tripled then you are not part of the chosen few that Karl, Dick and George were talking about. You and your life were not part of the Bush Presidency experiment of conservatism.

Who is left to take the money from? Gasoline is out of control. Home heating oil is out of control. Prescription drugs and the ability for even government agencies to buy them cheap is gone. Big business and raping of the shareholders is alive and well but the value of the shares are gone. Pensions and the wipe out of them is a fact. The small farms are almost gone. Trust in the banks is gone as they charge more and more to hold your own money. Trust in our government at any level is gone. Americas respect as a people around the world is gone. One nation under God has become two peoples under God. The haves and the have nots has been recreated by this President at an extremely rapid rate.

One saving grace is that they tried to kill Social Security but by the grace of God the people never fell for that one. That was a bag of goods that the people choose to not give up.

You can call yourself a Republican and vote blindly across party lines or you can think how much worse your life can get as the Rolls Royce’s of the upper class pass you by at the bread line. Electing millionaires to public office is opening up the club house for more of the same of the last six years.

Never in the history of the United States has one party ruled absolute with such devastation to the lower classes over all three houses of government. When that happens then absolute anarchy is opened up and corruption at every level is possible. The President, The Senate, and the House of Representatives are a fully functioning vacume of power out of control. The only thing stopping them from raping the nation for all of their own gain is the first amendment to the Constitution. The press reports the injustice of everything that they do. That is when the people vote and toss out the party causing so much injury to the nation by simply voting. Your vote counts so do your duty as an American and make your voice heard.

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