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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gay Marriage Ban Failed

Well the party of “Family Values” lost the fight to change the Constitution today to all them pesky liberal Democrats and soft on “Family Values” limp wristed Mini Publicans.

In order to keep the “Family Values” agenda going today to prop up the Mini Publicans this November a bill was introduced by extremist Conservatives that asked for a Constitutional amendment stating that you can no longer date your sister.

Closed door meetings while drafting this key to saving American Family Values covered key points of the bill such as brothers dating brothers will be way out. Mothers dating sons (Bloodline Mothers only) is being hotly contested by some members of the Mini Publican’s. Fathers dating and or marrying adopted daughters was removed by the moderates who pointed to the Lefty precedent set by a certain Lefty leaning Hollywood director and film producer. So that part was Lefty outty. Sisters dating sisters was okayed as long as a video tape was made available at a discount price so members could study this very central point of their “Family Values” agenda.

Prominent Democratic leaders were laughing to hard to give coherent comments…

Yup, it could happen!


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