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Monday, July 24, 2006

Writers, Publishers and Lit Agents

I've been trying to sell my finished book to all the houses that work in the field that my book is based in with not much luck lately. I've gone through almost sixty different submissions and still no luck. Recently, I have asked some published friends of mine to help me out and I was thinking about how hard writing for a living is.

Not many people earn thier living from writing. Look around you and ask yourself how many writers you know? Do you actually know a writer or author? How about a reporter for the local paper? Somebody that publishes or writes for a magazine? Go further off the beaten path and somebody that writes all those boring technical manuals that comes with your new digital camera or CD player? I'm thinking that it is a very secrative society to be a writer in this world and I just don't know the secret double shushh shushh handshake or something. I am however very well versed in the SASE rejection letters that come back to my mail box eventually.

I know several great published writers and I can consider them my friends. Writers as a lot in the world don't interact well with the rest of the world. Talking from my own perspective I might be ADHD or something like that when it comes to meeting new people and getting to know them. I like my own space and how it is. The written word is comfortable to me like a warm set of pajamas fresh out of the dryer. Double softener sheets. I like being a writer because I can clearly put my thoughts down and say what others would like to say but can't do it in an understood coherent line of sentences. Not many people can do that. Look at your emails from your friends or relatives and tell me I'm wrong?

So I'm thinking that my creative juices of fiction writing about a current times family fighting ghosts from a century ago is not working out as well as I would have liked but I have a back up. Your reading it here and now. Welcome to my mind and all it's twists and turns. Same thing happens in a book like mine. Then there is the double back up where I write technical stuff defining my companies Quality Systems to meet or beat United Tech's systems in order to qualify to do business with companies like Otis and GE and the list goes on. ISO quality systems and plans and testing and definitions that fit the company and define it all down to the size of the paperclips allowed. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Boring technical stuff that passes muster and gives your sales team the all clear to rape and pillage.... Did I say that, I meant do business with them.

Maybe I should pimp myself out as a Quality System writer or documentor. Charge a disgusting amount of money and make a killing. That is not the happiest of routes but it could hold some prospects. I have to look up the price of disgusting but I think it could suffice.

Quality System writer or documentor available for hire. Not cheap but the work is first class and accurate to any businesses systems for quality. Say what you do and do what you say documented!

So I have this book ready to be published. I just have to find a home that it fits into at a publisher or Lit agent. Any interested publishers or Lit agents please feel free to email me at the address to your left.

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