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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Plame Suing Cheney, Rove & Libby

Now that we all know that the special prosecutor was basically just punching the clock and drawing a check from the feds over this whole scenario we come to the private side of the law. Valerie is suing Dick, Karl and Scooted out the door Libby. Now if their butts were never quivering over the Federal case against them this should. This time its personal! This time it is going to cost them cash! Real money. Not taxpayers money but real genuine write a personal check money.

So do we do the Visa commercial thing and express how priceless this whole thing is. So now Dick has to hire a lawyer, Karl has to hire a lawyer and Scooted out the door Libby has to hire a lawyer to defend themselves in civil court. Priceless!

I'm betting that the civil courts will get a different verdict than a special prosecutor that just punched the clock and took the money for nothing.

"What is your verdict Jurour?"

"They all did it your honor! Give the pretty lady one hundred million."

"Gentlemen, will that be on your Visa or American Express?"


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