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Saturday, July 29, 2006

America Moving Forward

America has been through many hard times over and over again and all you have to do is look at our history as a nation. Life for each party or financial status has ebbed and flowed with every Presidency in our nations history. When the nation was doing well the people voted and placed leaders in charge to keep that momentum going on. When our nation was doing poorly then we voted to place people that could change the nation for the best.

Calvin Coolidge held a nation together under an economy that was doing well. Warren Harding was a man that had a plan that would sustain the good times but nobody followed through with his plans. Hoover just didn't care about the rest of the nation and we had the fall out of the WWI vets and the collapse of the industrial American economy. Roosevelt gave hope. He didn't have an easy time selling it but what he did sell was some hope for the lost millions of Americans. Our nation believed in him so much that we elected him four times. He wasn't selling hate, he wasn't selling who is to blame, he sold hope. Roosevelt did it by surrounding himself by many a people that didn't agree with his leadership philosophy.

Truman took responsibility for the nation and said the buck stops here. Ike took it to the next level and built our nations infrastructure. Kennedy brought us to the stars and rejuvinated the love affair with Camelot. History is pro and con on that but it is history. Johnson brought us the liberation of rights to all Americans as a path that he did not choose but dared to follow his predecesors path. Richard Nixon brought our nation to the world and detante. Then he brought our nation back to the brink of shame. But he was the one that made world wide diplomacy an issue that we all have to think seriously about even today. Ford was the forgiving President and I can't say much more about him. Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer from Plaines, Georgia expanded world peace to so many levels that it's hard to pick one. Egypt and Israel ring a bell though. Ronald Reagan, I loved the man and I loved the fact that he brought back the spirit of America. That he alone ended the cold war placed him in my liberal biased nightly prayer list. He alone made us proud again to be Americans and he backed it up with rebuilding our military. He outspent the Soviets and they could not match our science and dollars.

Then we start with the Bush Dynasty. Dad had great connections around the world and the Gulf War was a great success. Iraq was kicked out of Kuwait and that is how it should have been. Even I thought that he should have made the troops go all the way to Baghdad then but that is the history we have. We would probably be in the same scenario we are in today if he did. I don't know.

Bill Clinton was one of the most politically inteligent Presidents we have ever had but also one of the most attacked in Presidential history. He was the first President of this nation since Johnson that was able to defend the middle and lower classes and get serious legislation through to defend the needs of the people. He was the first fiscally responsible President that had to pass a budget that was paid for. Granted he had the Mini Publicans holding his throat with a knife under Newt Gingrich to do it but he left office with a government paying down our national debt.

Under our current President and his fully owned and bought Congress courtesy of Jack Abramoff and his crew we are a lost nation to special top income earners intrests.

What I find funny about the last couple of years occupation of the GOP and the entire executive branch is that the many Americans in the lower classes think that they have thier backs. Our kids fighting the many fronts of war are not Harvard or Yale graduates. They are our kids. Mom drives a school bus and Dad works at a factory.

My main point is this. The Republican Party has screwed over America for the last six years of this Presidents tenure. I don't think America can take any more of his ideology or his parties legislation to make sure the millionaires of the country are safe. You don't have to be a Republican or a Democrat or an Independant to figure this one out.


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