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Thursday, July 27, 2006

November Elections

Tonight on NBC News with Brian Williams they highlighted the coming election and the feelings of Republican Americans in Pennsylvania. They feel that President Bush has let them down for a multitude of reasons and the biggest is the war in Iraq. The survey they had was 48% would trust Democrats more than Republicans at 36% to run the country. That is a huge gap when you really think about it.

I don’t know the basis of the poll and frankly I never trust polls. What I do know is that moderate voters of both parties are pissed off at the Bush Presidency and the Congress that has been railroading America. People know that our government as it is today has some problems. Republican or Democrat we know that there is a serious problem.

I’m not anywhere near privy to information on terrorist activity here at home but for the most part I’m pretty sure 9/11 and the souls lost that day were a one shot deal. Did we as a nation need to go into Afghanistan to attack the people that brought us to our knees on September Eleven? Absolutely! Did we need to bomb the hell out of Osama Bin Laden and his caves? Absolutely! Is he dead now? Yes I think he is. His bones will rot in the cave that some US Military plane bombed the hell out of it. WOOO HOOOO!

This is where the Democrats need to be as far as terrorism goes. That is the world we live in thanks to the sales pitch that President Bush has sold the American people. They need to be on message against terrorism no matter where it is in the world. Democrats running against strong politicians in tough states that have always been a Republican strong hold need to hammer the lies over and over and reinforce that they are strongly against terrorism in any form in any nation.

The war in Iraq was a personal vendetta from George Bush in defense of his father. Is the world safer without Saddam? Absolutely! Can the Democrats get us out of this mistake and save face? I think they would do that sooner than any Republican led government. Can the Democrats bring America back to the world with respect and understanding without threats of aggression? I think they can. Can the Democrats defend the world against aggression and nuclear developers without threatening war? I think that they can. Can the Democrats stop or change the aggressive tactics of big business on the middle class and lower class to end the hemorrhaging of American jobs going to Mexico or China with tax breaks for the companies moving those jobs? I think they can.

New blood is needed in the Congress and in the Presidency. America is a melting pot of many different political thoughts and it is never about royalty ruling over the middle class or lower classes. It’s kind of sad that we have to think of our parties and people as the haves and have not.

America is an experiment that never ends. That is how the founders planned it and they did a great job making sure that the people eventually have a say. No matter what you think politically it is important that you vote and be heard.


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