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Friday, July 28, 2006

GOP Min Wage Tax Cut

That title is nothing what you think it is. The Mini Publican’s are not cutting taxes for all them money grabbing minimum wage workers. Even though that would make sense, it isn’t what they are doing. Here is the gist of the bill.

The GOP will bring up the Minimum Wage Increase but (Big old fat hairy BUTT) they are attaching all kinds of tax cuts for all of their rich friends and supporters. This way they can go home for August and boast to all of their base how the GOP is for the working lower class. Wink, wink, wink to his or her good friends Mr. And Mrs. John Q Bazzillionaire as they continue to receive tax cuts for their Perrie bathing water.

Here is the dilemma for the Democrats when this comes to a vote next week, do you vote for the bill with all the permanent tax cuts for the top one percent to give the bottom five percent of income earners a raise or do you shoot it down? I’d vote for the increase in the minimum wage but blast the GOP in the coming election for using "Poison Pill" tactics to once more suck it up at the feeding trough of the rich.

The Republicans are never going to change tactics and they will forever be the go to party of the super rich of this nation. Once more they are showing their true colors by stuffing even more tax cuts down the throats of the American people for the benefit of the select few.


The Washington Post covered this late today too...
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Blogger Steve said...

These tax cuts in the estate tax potentially could be a good thing. Right now, the inheritance tax is set at a level that many of those who would otherwise be subjected to it find will substitutes to avoid the tax altogether. By granting a cut to the inheritance tax, in theory, those people would return to using wills, paying out some in taxes to the government as opposed to the none that they were paying through the use of will substitutes (Life Insurance, trusts, etc.)

I'm not saying that is the actual case, I'm merely suggesting that it might actually increase revenues...

7:04 AM  
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