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Saturday, July 15, 2006

November Elections and Revolution

Our country has been hijacked by a self proclaimed King George that the original Revolutionaries fought to save us all from. Not since the Revolutionary War has there been such a division of the haves and have nots. We are a country divided just like it was in the times of the original revolution. One third of the nation fought for the independence of the nation, one third was loyalist, the last third did not care either way as long as it did not effect their lives. Thomas Paine convinced a nation that liberty from a monarchy was the greater good.

We as Americans are living under the tyranny of a self proclaimed King and there is no way to politically stop the madness of our King. With our government held strong by his own party they will rape the fortunes of the lower classes and divide us on issues that both sides hold dear to American values but stab both sides in the back over the almighty dollar. The only value they hold dear is the size of their own payback for gifts granted and deeds done to feed the top of the base that they serve. No matter what crime has to be committed to get the job done.

President Bush has a King mentality and he is using it to serve his friends. He is using the office of President to serve the few and sending the lower class children’s off to fight for a lie that he created. Divide and conquer. That is the President’s message and he has never changed that message.

That isn’t what America is all about. We are a nation of many thoughts and many different ideologies. We are never about loading the pockets of the oil companies or the banks or the special interests of the rich wanting more and more. We are a nation of people that see a wrong and want to make it right. We are a people that help up the people that are disadvantaged. We are a nation of people that no matter how someone from the outside of our great nation looks at us we are all Americans. We are a nation of people that expect more from our leaders to do the right thing and have the right to question them when they do not do the right thing.

How do you defeat a self proclaimed monarchy in America when all hope is thought to be lost? You vote them out. Simple. Not that easy. You have to convince the majority of people that your ideas are better than the status quo. That is the dilemma we all face. Vote or be screwed over again by more of the same.


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