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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Joe Lieberman is a man of principal

My good friend the Gun Toting Liberal raises severals questions about the Senator from Connecticut about his determination to hold his senate seat and still be a Democrat. Uncle Joe is not a favorite son of the Democratic Party anymore because he stands on his own principals. I personally do not think Joe is a pocket boy for George Bush or Dick I'll shoot you in the face while bird shooting with a twelve pack under my belt Chaney. The media is sometimes slanted on what he says and why Joe does what he does. He is a favorite target for a ton of negative media because he stands by what he says and what he voted for as the people of Connecticuts representative in the Senate. He voted for the war, he voted to support the troops fighting that war and he is not and never will be a Senator that will not support his fighting sons and daughters in our military. Joe knows as much as you and I know that we started this mess and we have to finish it or leave the war in terms that are humane and realistic. We can't leave a country that we destroyed in tumoil and political destruction. A fully functioning government and military has to be in place to ensure success in Iraq no matter how you paint the picture. That is the reality of real world politics. Not flip flop politics. You either support the mission and the troops or you spit in their faces. I don't want to see a repeat of Vietnam ever again and this war and situation that President Bush GOT US INTO is his legacy not ours.

The game plan is in politics. Paint one Democrat the bastard son and Karl Rove will use it as the poster boy for multitudes of small election fights across the nation. It only helps the Mini Publicans that this featured and former VP candidate was on the national ticket for the largest office in the nation.

I listen to Imus in the morning and if you have ever heard what Joe Lieberman has said to defend himself on what he voted for or against then it makes sense. Imus is not a fluff interviewer. He doesn't give a shit if he pisses you off or not on the air or off ...ergo the Imus vs Clinton rift. On issues that I was pissed off at Uncle Joe he clarified why he voted the way he did and it was never to be a Bush baby boy. It was always his personal belief to back the military and what we as a nation sent them to accomplish. Shit, even I sound like a freaking republican. Makes me wonder if I should check my shorts to see if my Johnson has been hijacked? I'm still going to back our kids fighting for our country and our President even though I disagree with the war. Uncle Joe is doing the same thing. Backing our kids in the military.

Joe Lieberman is not a traitor to the Democratic Party. He is what I would call a Statesman that is willing to stand behind his words. I think the Democratic Party has turned its back on him and that came from no other circle than the favorite daughter for the next Presidential election and her snub of support for him.

I can't understand how yet another millionaire running for the United States Senate against Joe is good for the country? What special interests is he going to look out for? Democrat or Republican there is only one reason that a millionaire runs for office, more power for them. That is where our system of government is broken. The grey area of parties is defined by the millionaires of our nation seeking higher office.


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Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Enjoyed the article, papamoka, and I returned the link, my friend.

Bloggggg ONNNNNNNN, brother!!!!!!!!!!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Christopher said...

I can't understand how yet another millionaire running for the United States Senate against Joe is good for the country?

Start here:

This may get you up to speed on why it's critically important that Joementum lose his US Senate seat to Ned Lamont.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


Key phases are what Karl Rove uses to define the left. Joe is not about what is the right. He is what is right and not wrong. Listen to what he says and you come to a new realization of what Joe is all about. He is and never will be a Bush boy for hire but he will always be a pro military senator.

If my kid is fighting over there I want Joe on our side as a Liberal Democrat. That is the only way to see this mess out of the Bush Dynasty of hate an corruption.

12:34 AM  

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