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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Explaining Political Belief

Explaining Political Belief

How do you explain who you are politically? How do you look at your own life and define if you are a Liberal or a Conservative? Then you have to ask yourself how most of us got to this point in our lives? I’m a Democrat because my Dad was a Democrat and so was my mom. That isn’t a good enough reason to be for one party or the other. There has to be more to that question? Why do we vote the way we do?

I don’t know for sure but I have some ideas. My Dad was a Teamster. He drove trucks for a living and he managed a trucking company in Shrewsbury till they screwed him over and replaced his experience with a twenty six year old kid at half the salary. That company he gave over twenty years of his life too is no longer in business. Dad has been dead since 2003 and life moves on. So why am I a Democrat?

Mom was a stay at home Mom and watching the seven kids that they had together. Mom dealt with all of the family situations even when kids left the nest she was always the go to person for all of the kids in the family. Dad was old world Ireland where he turned over his paycheck to Mom and she paid the bills and worked the families funds as best she could. How she did it I have no clue? The woman made due with not much but then again we were seven kids living in a two bedroom home and we always had a hot meal and always had clothes on our back. Somehow I loved my child hood years. Today, both parents have to work to afford just to survive!

American families today face many trials and tribulations that test our spirits every day. The bills to raise a family can sometimes be huge. One of the kids gets sick and that shinny brand new SUV out in the driveway is not as important anymore. Even the roof over your head isn’t important if your family is troubled by sickness of any member. Priorities change and you adjust accordingly.

Somehow you find the hope in the tragedy and move forward. You adjust and move on. You move on with the hope that if you work hard enough you will see success. You will ultimately benefit from what America has to offer. It is out there for all of us. All it takes is having faith in the life you have. Mom and Dad made it and so can the rest of us.

So how does the other side live? When there is no question of paying for a sick child then how do they deal with it? They are no different from you and I. They love the family as much as the rest of us do? How do you define your political opinion if the rest of your neighbors are lost? How do you say that you are an American if the rest of the people in the country do not matter?

America is a huge country and growing day by day with people. There is only so much time before the people say enough is enough. This is not the Monarchies of yesteryears Europe. We have a better idea on how to run a country over here. We vote our representatives into office. If they screw us over, we can always vote them out.

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