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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bush And Foreign Policy

President Bush and Foreign policy are two things that don’t go together. I think I distinctly recall the catch phrase “You are either with us or against us.”, and what that statement meant on September eleven. It meant exactly what it was. No diplomacy, all military gear up, and kick ass no matter where or why. Just kick ass and get it done. Screw our friends that we have had for hundreds of years and just start a war.

This is the play book for the Bush dynasty. Now he is going to care about world opinion? How is he going to sell this to the rest of the world? Connie Rice isn’t going to be able to sell it and I honestly think that the Israeli’s are not going to buy it either. So why would the people or the new government of Lebanon called Hazbolla buy it? They will not.

George Bush is great on telling you who to hate. He is great at pointing the finger at who is to blame. He is great at protecting his friends interests. His weakest point is statesmanship and working with nations in trouble around the world. He is no Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan. Those were Presidents that lived for peace in the world and dedicated their office to it.

It takes a statesman to find peace. It takes the courage and belief in peace to find a truce. It takes one nation finding a common ground with a nation that does not know what being a nation is all about. If you really think about what is going on with the current situation in Lebanon and Israel it isn’t much different than what is happening here in the United States. The only difference is that we go to vote and cast out the parties we do not agree with. They toss bombs and cry over the dead and swear vengeance. All this from what is supposed to be the holy land? They are two nations in need of an outside source of calm and a stop to the aggressions on both sides. The bomb tossers are not being killed with each volley from either side? It is the innocents that are being killed.

There will never be peace in Israel or Lebanon or the Arabs of the area until two people can come together and recognize that they are a people that must live together. All it takes is one generation refusing to accept the hate and vengeance of the previous generation. Only then will peace between the two peoples exist. Till they all give up the blood of vengeance the dove of everlasting peace will never perch to lay her eggs for future generations. One does not exist without the other.

That is a sad fact of life that only a true statesman could sell to both sides.


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