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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is Bush out of Control?

Each Congress member and each Senator serving under our rules of government has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I don't recall seeing anywhere in the oath that they should keep quiet while the President of the United States breaks so many laws of the land?

I'm rather upset that my own state Senators and Congressional Representatives have not spoken up. My faith in them is what I am now questioning. How can you be a representative of my family and my opinions if you do not speak up for what President Bush is doing. Does he have to break the record for laws broken before our legally voted in members of government question his decisions? The Congress and the Senate are supposed to be our check's and balance? What is the bar that he has to cross before Ted Kennedy or John Kerry say enough is enough? For that matter the Congressional delegation from Mass a Two Sticks? Does he have to crack the 1000 mark before it is wrong?

President Clinton had to define the meaning of the word "It and Sex" but this President can tap your phone, your email, and your work phone without anyone in any state saying this is wrong. Am I nuts or are all of our elected leaders scared of this Texan with a walking disorder? Is the word Impeachment not understood when a President is breaking all the rules of our own government? Well that can't happen when his own party is in control of the Congress.

The thing that gets me wondering even more is why isn't his own party trying to reel him back in to reality. We still do not have an act of Congress for the War in Iraq but then again our President is calling it a war every single day. Is there a Congressional member that will have the guts to play that card so the Mini Publicans can sweep it under the radar? The Democrats need to put this issue on the table and call the Republican's on it. Let's see them defend a so called war based on deception and lies.

The problem with the Democratic Party today is that they are not playing the game of politics like the President is. The President would burn the Constitution and the bill of rights to protect his friends interests. The Democrats need to make sure that politcal stance is a talking point in every political election across the nation. Follow the money and you end up with the Bush Presidency.

Then again, we could re-elect all the Mini Publicans and have another couple of years of losing liberties and simple freedoms. All this for a war against a crew of enemies hiding in caves and fearfull of showing their own faces in public.

Iraq is a civil war and that is what it is. Freedom has no place in the discussion. If people are willing to kill themselves attached to a bomb then it is more than just American occupation.

So, here we are. Our President is above the laws of the land and our congress is letting him be whoever he wants to be. So we wait. November isn't that far off. I'm just worried how much damage he can do till then.

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