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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boston Progressive Talk Radio

My thanks to the crew over at Boston Progressive Talk Radio for linking us on their website. They have some great stuff on the website and I listen to the Air America broadcasts during the day. I like Rachel for the morning drive and Al Franken is on for lunch and then Big Ed Shultz is on for the drive home.

Sorry Randi Rhodes I don't get the chance to hear your show that often. I've got the five girls to deal with at night so we can't hear the radio over the screaming!!!! Not that they are closet Republicans but??? Could they be?

Yup I think my girls are conservatives and could be closet Republicans... What's a Dad to do? You have to love them anyway.... LOL!!!

Anywho, welcome on board to Papamoka Straight Talk and our own collection of proggressive talkers.

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